• Workplace Environment

    How to keep employees motivated during and after the holidays

    Jen McKenzie |  December 15, 2018

    Towards the end of every year, the holidays present special challenges to employers. After all, employees can become preoccupied with shopping, reuniting with friends and family members, holiday parties, and special events.

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  • Business

    Attracting and retaining people – why did I bother

    Stephen Chong |  December 15, 2018

     It’s not unusual for exasperated managers after having spent untold hours during the interview and recruitment process to throw up their hands and ask ‘why did I bother’.

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  • Trade

    Thai-Australian bilateral trade and cultural connections discussed

    First 5000 |  December 15, 2018

    Members of the Thai Australia Network (TAN) Board together with Philip Dalidakis MP met with Allan McKinnon PSM, Australian Ambassador-Designate to Thailand during his visit to Melbourne last week.

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  • Uncategorised

    A blueprint for reducing your advertising production costs

    Darren Woolley     |      February 7, 2012

    After media, advertising production is usually the single biggest expense marketers and advertisers manage. Yet we hear horror stories of budgets being blown out with production over-runs and changes.  Darren Woolley managing director, of marketing consultancy, TrinityP3 outlines how to build an ad campaign without blowing the budget. 

     We generally find that these production blowouts are more likely due to poor supplier management rather than the naked greed of the suppliers. Of course, this does not mean there are no longer sharks in the advertising waters, it just means armed with knowledge on costs and processes, you are less likely to get attacked, or worse still, eaten alive.

  • Have your say: Fair Work Act

    Helen Hull     |      February 7, 2012

    You are invited to comment on the Fair Work Act Review. The Object of the Fair Work Act is to provide a balanced framework for cooperative and productive workplace relations that promotes national economic prosperity and social inclusion for all Australians.

    The Panel is particularly keen to hear from First 5000 members. Written submissions to the Review Panel are due by 17 February 2012.

  • What keeps people from LEADING successfully?

    Franziska Goyo     |      February 7, 2012

    How do you to motivate your teams to sell more, be more and stay with you, executive coach Franziska Goyo, shares her tips.  

    The CEO of a fast growing recruitment company asked me to train their teams to become more effective in selling, coordinating and motivating their clients. The first analysis clearly showed that the teams were stressed. A lot of complaining behind other people’s backs was going on amongst them and trust levels were low. A number of the staff had left not long after they had started.

  • Say Yes to being a successful business

    Helen Hull     |      January 31, 2012

    Relationships, creating an international brand and outsourcing are the keys to the success of natural skincare brand Yes to Carrots. Co-founder Lance Kalish gave us the inside scoop on how this strategy has worked for his company and how it could help yours.

    “Relationships are the most important thing,” a confident Kalish says about creating operations overseas.  “Relationships are everything. You cannot build a meaningful relationship with a retail buyer, or a distributor, or anyone in your industry from behind your computer in Australia.

  • Conroy announces National Telework Week

    First 5000     |      January 17, 2012

    The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, has announced the creation of an Australian Telework week, following on from a unanimous vote by delegates at the 2011 National Economic Review.

    At the summit, hosted by First 5000 parent company, Global Access Partners’ (GAP), Tim Fawcett, CISCO General Manager Government Affairs & Policy, made a case for Australia to follow the United States’ lead and create a National Telework Week. In the US more than 35,000 businesses and organisations pledge to allow employees to work from home for a week.

  • Top 5 LinkedIn New Year Resolutions for 2012

    Jennifer Bishop     |      December 30, 2011

    As 2011 draws to a close and professionals enjoy some well earned time off, we all have a chance to reflect on the year and what we might do better next year.

    For professionals who utilise LinkedIn to maintain their professional network and grow their business; here are 5 New years Resolutions for using LinkedIn in 2012.

  • Fair Work Act review outlined

    Helen Hull     |      December 20, 2011

    The Federal Government has announced the details of an independent review of the Fair Work Act.

    The review of the Fair Work Act, first announced when the legislation was introduced, will be conducted by Reserve Bank Board Member John Edwards, former Federal Court Judge, the Honourable Michael Moore and legal and workplace relations academic Professor Ron McCallum.

  • Kwik Kopy Australia designs campaign with Australian Red Cross

    Helen Hull     |      December 20, 2011

    Corporate design and print solutions specialist and First 5000 partner Kwik Kopy Australia has partnered with Australian Red Cross on its latest direct mail campaign.

    The new direct mail campaign will promote further understanding of Red Cross’ humanitarian work amongst small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Australia.

  • Learn how an improved privacy strategy can increase market share

    Peter Kocovski     |      December 19, 2011

    As the issue of individual identity and privacy become more complex, organisations need more disciplined responses to protect customer and organisational interests and comply with best practice.

    For many organisations, Contact Centres are now the first and sometimes the only point of contact for their customers.

  • Have your say: Strata Laws

    Helen Hull     |      December 19, 2011

    The New South Wales Government plans to commence a review of the State’s strata and community title laws in 2012, which may include significant amendments to the existing legislation.

    Contributions close: 29 February 2012.

  • Have your say: anti-discrimination laws

    Helen Hull     |      December 13, 2011


    The Attorney-General and Minister for Finance and Deregulation launched a public discussion paper to seek community views on consolidating Commonwealth anti-discrimination law in September 2011.

    The project to consolidate existing Commonwealth anti-discrimination law into a single Act is a key component of Australia’s Human Rights Framework. First 5000 members are invited to submit your opinions on the discussion paper until 1 February 2012.

  • Are you cloud ready?

    Joanne Dooley     |      December 13, 2011

    For many midsized organisations, the Cloud used to represent a step into the unknown that may invite security risks, increased costs and a larger IT workload.

    Joanne believes organisations are now realising that cloud computing can actually reduce IT costs by moving the right workloads to a cloud-based IT consumption model. The Cloud can provide anytime access to key business applications, provide organisations with new capabilities and streamline business, whilst maintaining the right level of security.

  • Top 10 Ways Marketers Waste Money

    Darren Woolley     |      December 12, 2011

    TrinityP3’s Darren Woolley has created a resource that can to be returned to over again to remind ourselves of the basics you have to get right before you can ever have a chance to soar above your competitors. 

    While many advertisers are looking for complex and sophisticated strategies it is often the basics that are being overlooked or are totally missing.

  • Corporate Express helps organisations reduce carbon footprint

    Helen Hull     |      December 6, 2011

    Office supplier Corporate Express has made it easy for customers to choose an Australian made carbon neutral alternative by making its best selling product, A4/A3 copy paper EXP800/801, carbon neutral.

    EXP800/801 is one of the first office copy paper products to receive the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) certification. It is also certified under the Australian Forestry Standard and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

  • Deloitte drives debate on the new realities facing the Lucky Country

    Craig Holland     |      December 6, 2011

    The first paper to be published under Deloitte’s Building the Lucky Country initiative is pertinently called Where is your next worker?  

    This initial discussion piece urges Australian businesses and government to act now to get ahead of the looming skill shortage.