• Future-proofing top priority for Australian corporate leaders: report

    First 5000     |      September 2, 2019

    Senior leaders in Australia’s biggest organisations have identified future planning and trend forecasting and investing in people as some of the top challenges facing them into 2020 and beyond, according to a new report released by Lighthouse Group.

  • Seven steps to decisive leadership

    First 5000     |      August 29, 2019

    What are the key personal attributes that can transform managers into leaders and good leaders into great ones?

  • Overcoming the challenges of managing larger teams

    First 5000     |      August 29, 2019

    Successful business owners aren’t automatically great team managers however, as the business grows, the importance of managing teams grows along with it, according to Andrew Laurie, entrepreneur, CEO and elite business coach.

  • How to avoid losing sales people

    Kara Atkinson     |      August 5, 2019

    Top-performers are always in demand, they are contacted with other employment opportunities on average 4.3 times per year (Qualtrics). The key question is – how do you keep your High Sales Performers?

  • How to better communicate a message through four specific lenses

    Shane Hatton     |      August 1, 2019

    Do you like a good story or would you rather talk numbers? Do you enjoy grappling with abstract thoughts and ideas or do you prefer to hear about their concrete and practical application?

  • 5 presentation disasters to avoid

    Emma Bannister     |      July 31, 2019

    When you’re the one up the front of the room, clicker in hand, it can be hard to see your own mistakes. Many of these common presentation mistakes go undetected because audiences are too polite to critique.

  • How to create the best workplace on earth

    Gihan Perera     |      July 23, 2019

    How can you create the sort of workplace that will attract, reward, motivate, and inspire these people? Gihan Perera offers five key practices to help you future-proof your workplace.

  • 4 effective tactics to grow your business, stay ahead of competition

    Raul Harman     |      July 22, 2019

    Keeping tabs on your competition is important so you can be realistic about your position on the market and take an objective stance when assessing the good and the bad practices you implemented.

  • How divorce made me a millionaire

    First 5000     |      July 18, 2019

    Reika Roberts, Co-Founder of derma aesthetics shares her tips and advice on how to become a millionaire after divorce as a single mum of twins.

  • The 8 life skills you need to succeed in business

    Alan Manly     |      July 16, 2019

    One of the good things about being in business is that no one expects you to say sorry. The default mantra when delivering disappointing news is practised recital of that catch all phrase, business is business.

  • Fail More: how you deal with setbacks key to success

    First 5000     |      May 6, 2019

    Learning from our mistakes is the only way to make sure we don’t make the same ones twice. But what if you could use every failure – large and small – to actually create a successful business, career and life?

  • Supporting migrants to reach their potential

    First 5000     |      March 31, 2019

    The IntoWork Australia Group is delivering  a new program to support migrants to settle and integrate into the Tasmanian community, with a particular focus on career and employment goals in partnership with the Tasmanian Multicultural Services (TMS).

  • A plan for Australia’s future population

    Scott Morrison     |      March 24, 2019

    The Morrison Government will tackle the impact of increasing population in congested cities and back smaller cities and regions looking for greater growth to secure their economic future and the key public services they rely on.

  • The value of values

    Rachel Bevans     |      March 19, 2019

    Off the back of Royal Banking Commission Report and the fourth edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Councils’ Principles and Recommendations, there has been a lot of discussion around values.

  • Leadership – Conundrums & Consequences

    Stephen Chong     |      March 9, 2019

    Has not enough been written about ‘Leadership’ already?  You might have thought that most people, properly inclined, would have already studied, assimilated and implemented the many words of wisdom pertaining to the multi-faceted aspects of leadership conundrums.  Perhaps? Well, perhaps not.

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