• 5 strategic advantages of SMEs

    Keith Coppersmith     |      June 19, 2019

    SME is an acronym for small and medium-sized enterprises which make up a large majority of businesses all over the world. In the EU, for example, they represent a total of 99% of all businesses.

  • Physically demanding jobs linked to poor health in delayed retirement

    First 5000     |      June 17, 2019

    Men and women who have physically demanding jobs may experience poorer mental and physical health if they delay their retirement, new research led by Curtin University has found.

  • Ombudsman welcomes new tax rules for government tender bids

    First 5000     |      June 14, 2019

    From July 1, businesses tendering for Commonwealth contracts over $4 million will need to provide a statement from the ATO proving they have a satisfactory tax record.

  • Small business winners in the Queensland Budget

    First 5000     |      June 14, 2019

    Operating a small business is a constant struggle, their owners work hard against the odds to survive in a high taxing environment. That’s why the latest budget news in Queensland brought a smile to the faces of many small business owners, according the Master Grocers Australia.

  • Ombudsman welcomes Bill to better protect subcontractors

    First 5000     |      June 12, 2019

    The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell has welcomed changes to the Small Business Development Corporation Act 1983 tabled by Small Business Minister Paul Papalia in the Western Australian Parliament yesterday.

  • New Victorian business growth fund for SMEs designed to create jobs

    First 5000     |      June 7, 2019

    The Andrews Labor Government will establish a $250 million Victorian Business Growth Fund for small and medium enterprises to help them access capital and create jobs to grow the Victorian economy.

  • Where to now for financial services post Federal election and Hayne Royal Commission?

    Paul Tynan     |      June 3, 2019

    Now that we have a new Morrison Federal Government and the implementation of the Hayne Royal Commission recommendations will be high on the political agenda, what can we expect going forward?

  • Almost half of regional businesses not complying with workplace laws

    First 5000     |      May 31, 2019

    Some 43 per cent of all businesses and 55 per cent of those in hospitality surveyed in Shepparton, the Latrobe Valley, Gippsland, the Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven, Ipswich and Wide Bay are not complying with workplace laws, according to a new report from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

  • Three industries that offer workers a safe haven

    Andrej Kovacevic     |      May 28, 2019

    If you’re living in Australia, you’ve just witnessed one of the most improbable election victories in recent memory. In it, Scott Morrison and his Liberal-National coalition managed to hang on to their grip on power, helped by a campaign that fed the nation’s fears of a cooling economy.

  • How to turn a financial crisis into a great opportunity

    Liam Smith     |      May 27, 2019

    Sometimes, you just hit a bump in the road. It’s perfectly natural, these things happen. The economy is a fickle, complex entity that basically requires a PhD to understand.

  • Significant challenges to confront construction sector in 2019 and beyond

    First 5000     |      May 23, 2019

    Obtaining insurance cover in the coming year and beyond will be a very costly undertaking and a significant challenge for businesses within the construction and associated industries. 

  • Why the Australian Business Growth Fund doesn’t go far enough

    Lui Pangiarella     |      May 22, 2019

    The newly elected Morrison government’s promised Australian Business Growth Fund needs to be expanded to include acquisitions.

  • From little things, big things grow: the success story of Bio21

    Robert Cromption     |      May 20, 2019

    In 1998, the Bio21 Hub was established through the collaboration of Melbourne University Science Departments and Research Institutes including the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, which has now led to break-through cancer research commercialisation in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies.

  • Election winner needs to reignite consumer confidence: Metricon NSW

    First 5000     |      May 17, 2019

    With calls to cut official interest rates likely to be reignited as a result of yesterday’s ABS job market figures showing unemployment has risen slightly to a seasonally-adjusted 5.2 per cent, our common goal should now be finding ways to bring confidence back into the economy, according to Metricon NSW.

  • 4 habits to make your business a success

    Carolin Petterson     |      May 16, 2019

    Running a small business is no easy task and the fact that as much as half of all small businesses fail within the first year is the best proof of that. However, if the company is set up with clear goals and objectives, it can find its customer base and survive the most difficult first year.

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