• How businesses can address the shortage of casual workers

    Charlie Dewitt     |      June 29, 2022

    The gig economy continues to have a strong influence in Australia as the number of casual positions and independent contractors grows. Charlie Dewitt, managing director, ANZ/SEA of UKG explains.

  • Trust in brands drives consumer spending: study

    First 5000     |      June 28, 2022

    There is a strong correlation between brand trust and consumer behaviour, according to a study from Adobe.

  • Top mistakes small businesses make when managing cash flow

    Angus Sedgwick     |      June 27, 2022

    It’s a tough time for SME’s at the moment. Rising overheads, supply chain issues, high staff turnover and an increase to the minimum wage – it’s no wonder many are struggling with the day to day running costs. Angus Sedgwick from OptiPay explains.

  • Time to switch to Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

    First 5000     |      June 24, 2022

    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been writing to employers to let them know that Single Touch Payroll (STP) Phase 2 is here. Employers that can switch but have not yet done so are urged to start reporting as soon as possible.

  • Why optimism trumps pessimism in creating a strong organisational culture

    Tom Daemen     |      June 22, 2022

    As we’ve seen over the last two years, leadership can take many forms when it comes to managing crises such as a global pandemic, natural disaster, or international conflict. Thomas Daemen explains.

  • Reforms to early childhood education support workforce, parents

    First 5000     |      June 21, 2022

    The New South Wales and Victorian Governments have committed to a full year of universal pre-kindergarten or pre-prep in the year before school by 2030, a move that will help support parents’ return to the workforce and create jobs growth for the sector.

  • When Elephants Dance:  Has Elon Musk called the top of the Social Media era?

    Bronwyn Reid     |      June 20, 2022

    There are 6 phases of a boom and bust cycle and a regular feature of these top phases is that here, elephants start to dance – other huge companies meaning massive takeovers emerge that don’t always make sense. Bronwyn Reid explains.

  • What the best sales managers do differently: report

    First 5000     |      June 17, 2022

    Top-performing sales Managers are 71 per cent more likely to be effective at motivating sellers for high productivity and performance according to a report from sales training company RAIN Group.  

  • Great Resignation is set to continue as pressure on pay mounts: PwC

    First 5000     |      June 16, 2022

    The Great Resignation will continue apace in the year ahead as one in five workers say they are likely to switch to a new employer in the next 12 months, according to PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey of 52,195 workers in 44 countries and territories – one of the largest ever surveys of the global workforce.

  • The five most common misconceptions about purpose

    Carolyn Butler-Madden     |      June 15, 2022

    Purpose is undoubtedly one of the big trends occurring across the business world today. Yet there are misconceptions on what it means to be a purpose-led business, Carolyn Butler-Madden from The Cause Effect explains.

  • 3 in 5 SMEs report digital solutions are hindering, not helping: MYOB

    MYOB     |      June 14, 2022

    Australia’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are collectively investing $2.2bn each year on digital solutions to help improve business operations, however 3 in 5 are finding some of these tools are in fact hindering them, according to new research from business management platform MYOB.

  • Small business wage growth hits five-year high, Xero data shows

    First 5000     |      June 10, 2022

    Overall, small businesses in Australia saw another month of improved performance with the Xero Small Business Index rising four points in April 2022 to 122 points.

  • Over $200k raised for flood affected communities on Facebook fundraisers

    First 5000     |      June 9, 2022

    Over $200,000 has been raised from more than 600 fundraisers on Facebook to help flood victims in Australia, according to new data from Meta (formerly Facebook).

  • Are you missing out on attracting and keeping good employees?

    Gloria Tabi     |      June 8, 2022

    When leaders decide to cultivate workplace Inclusion, it ensures their people are treated like people all the time, resulting in enhancement in staff attitudes and pride towards their work, Gloria Tabi from Everyday Inclusion explains.

  • 6 Simple Ways to Grow Your Home-Based Business

    Amelia Atkins     |      June 7, 2022

    If we put aside the COVID-19 and its devastating consequences, we can all agree that the contemporary business climate is very friendly to home-based companies. To put it simply, digital technology, access to the global market, and easily available business resources made family-owned businesses compete with larger brands. So, it shouldn’t come off as a […]

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