• Why retail needs more mature age workers and fewer uni students 

    Dave Strutton     |      October 21, 2020

    The retail sector is often seen an as ideal place for young people to gain work experience and earn money while at university, but when it comes to hiring long-term staff, Dave Strutton, owner of Howards Storage World in Adelaide says the most reliable and loyal workers are usually those who are older.

  • Ten hacks to keep customers happy while waiting

    First 5000     |      June 9, 2020

    As shops across the country welcome customers back, business owners are faced with challenges such as social distancing and limits to the number of customers allowed in a store.

  • Retail collapse in Australia: Tyranny of distance or lack of customer loyalty?

    Dawn Lo     |      March 3, 2020

    Retailers need to focus on the core offering of their products rather than peripherals, and adapt their business models to increasingly fickle and tech-savvy consumers, says a UNSW Business School professor.

  • How to overhaul bad customer service habits

    First 5000     |      February 6, 2020

    Delivering good service – internally and externally – is about building long-lasting relationships which have a greater long-term impact. But when cracks start to show, how do you transform an organisation’s service culture?

  • Insights into Gen Z shopping habits revealed

    First 5000     |      February 4, 2020

    Post-Millennials, Gen Z, Next Gen… they are the generation that saw the birth of online retail, and their shoppings habits, preferences and expectations will shape the future direction of the digital and retail space.

  • More retail failures on the cards for 2020

    First 5000     |      January 16, 2020

    More retail failures likely in 2020 unless Aussie retailers evolve, according to insolvency specialist, Andrew Spring.

  • Consumers plan to spend more during the 2019 holiday season: report

    First 5000     |      November 22, 2019

    The 2019 Global Holiday Shopping Survey found that almost one-fourth of Australians (24 per cent), nearly one-third of U.K. respondents (30 perc ent), and 50 percent of U.S. respondents plan to spend more on holiday shopping compared to previous years.

  • Adelaide retailer’s secrets to success

    First 5000     |      November 11, 2019

    A former farmer with no previous retail experience has become one of South Australia’s most successful franchisees – recording top sales and receiving industry recognition.

  • Digitalisation paving the way for Australia’s retail landscape

    First 5000     |      June 13, 2019

    Australia’s CBD retail landscape is evolving in the face of continued headwinds, with brands harnessing creativity and innovation to increase their consumer wallet share.

  • Aussies prefer digital shopping catalogues as they declutter their lives

    First 5000     |      May 10, 2019

    Almost 4 million Australians are using digital catalogues alone rather than hard copy versions saying they are a useful tool and stress-free way to window shop, according research from Roy Morgan.

  • Unlawful Easter trading risks huge fines

    First 5000     |      April 18, 2019

    Traders who flout restricted retail trading hours during the Easter period risk hefty fines, according to the Australian Retailers’ Association.

  • Opportunity knocks for Sydney designers

    First 5000     |      April 12, 2019

    The City of Sydney will give up to 10 local fashion designers the opportunity to establish viable business models and open their first retail spaces.

  • Aussie retailers discounting to disaster: report

    First 5000     |      April 11, 2019

    Discounting is considered the bane of many retailers’ existence. Yet, are retailers’ slaves to discount-demanding consumers, or have they created these ‘discount monsters’ themselves?

  • Research reveals how our clothes are Made in Poverty

    First 5000     |      February 25, 2019

    The systemic failure of big Australian clothing brands to bring an end to the payment of poverty wages is denying the workers who make our clothes even the basics of a decent life, ground-breaking research released by Oxfam today has revealed.

  • Valentine’s Day – A retailing love affair

    MYOB     |      February 14, 2019

    Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is a classic Hallmark holiday (without the holiday) with the special power to get people spending. As Huey Lewis said, that’s the power of love.

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