• Legal affairs Workplace Relations

    Mediation can help settle unfair dismissal disputes

    Daniel Brown |  October 19, 2018

    Legal disputes around employee dismissals can be expensive, time consuming and stressful for all parties concerned. Mediation can offer a cheaper, faster and fairer way to reach mutually satisfactory conclusions.

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  • Finance Tax Issues

    Superannuation fees in the spotlight

    First 5000 |  October 19, 2018

    Australians are paying up to $32 billion a year in super fund fees, up 10% from the previous year and outpacing the rate of inflation by almost four-fold.

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  • Humour Leadership

    Flogging a dead horse for pleasure and profit

    Joe Perri |  October 19, 2018

    Don’t despair if you’ve been left to waste your time and energy on a project which will never succeed. Joe Perri offers some of his favourite tips to get the most out of the dead horse in your business.

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