• Business

    HiddenGems: empowering WA’s Deaf community through entrepreneurship education

    First 5000 |  March 26, 2019

    A new entrepreneur and innovation program in Western Australia, HiddenGems, is set to change the lives of adults with hearing loss.

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  • Business

    Planning for growth can boost our regions

    First 5000 |  March 25, 2019

    A focus on our regions and vital infrastructure are welcome additions to Australia’s population debate according to the Business Council of Australia.

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  • Energy

    Bridges built for a better energy future

    Peter Strong |  March 25, 2019

    COSBOA has released a communique from the “Small Business Energy Summit” which was held in Melbourne last week (20 March, 2019) to confront the issues of energy supply and costs and associated business and economic risks.

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Latest News

  • Working day less than a hoot for ‘night owls’

    First 5000     |      March 25, 2019

    ‘Night owls’ – those who go to bed late and then get up later – have significantly lower functional connectivity in the brain, slower reaction times, and may struggle with a standard 9-5 work day compared to ‘early risers’, according to a new international study. 

  • Sustainability Commissioner’s environment report

    First 5000     |      March 24, 2019

    The Australian Industry Group has welcomed the Sustainability Commissioner’s Report into the State of the Environment and its recognition that more needs to be done to support Victoria’s environment in conjunction with the economy.

  • A plan for Australia’s future population

    Scott Morrison     |      March 24, 2019

    The Morrison Government will tackle the impact of increasing population in congested cities and back smaller cities and regions looking for greater growth to secure their economic future and the key public services they rely on.

  • Fintech can help Australia lead regional innovation

    Daniel Bar     |      March 24, 2019

    Australia has the potential to become the leading hub for tech and innovation in the Southern Hemisphere. But will our agile ‘kangaroo’ spirit and supportive mate mentality be enough to jump the chasm separating us from other developed nations in the region?

  • Pandora to fix consumer rights practices

    First 5000     |      March 23, 2019

    The ACCC has accepted a court-enforceable undertaking from jewellery business Pandora to review its consumer rights policies and staff training after Pandora acknowledged it is likely to have contravened the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by making misleading representations to consumers about their consumer guarantee rights.

  • Sydney PappaRich franchise operator faces Court

    First 5000     |      March 23, 2019

    The  Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against a PappaRich restaurant operator, alleging he was involved in underpaying 154 workers $74,000 across three PappaRich outlets in Sydney.

  • Tomago director fined

    First 5000     |      March 23, 2019

    A director of a company that illegally stored waste, including asbestos, has been convicted and fined $33,750 and ordered to pay $24,500 in legal costs by the NSW Land and Environment Court, following a successful prosecution by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

  • Australian subscription companies booming against ASX growth index

    First 5000     |      March 22, 2019

    Cloud-based subscription management platform provider Zuora has released its biennial Subscription Economy Index, revealing that Australian subscription companies grew revenues ten times the rate of the ASX sales-per-share index.

  • Record crowds attend Data#3’s JuiceIT event in pursuit of digital transformation

    First 5000     |      March 22, 2019

    Australian technology services and solutions provider, Data#3, saw record crowds to its flagship event, JuiceIT 2019, which focussed on the topic of digital transformation.

  • 5 proven ways to increase your conversion rate

    Carolin Petterson     |      March 22, 2019

    Getting traffic to your website sure is great, but if that traffic doesn’t convert, it’s the same as if nobody even visited your website.

  • World-first secure blockchain with good REPUtation

    First 5000     |      March 21, 2019

    Researchers at Monash University are part of an international team that has developed a world-first blockchain system that can successfully defend malicious activity by attackers who possess more than half of the system’s computing power.

  • Agriculture Department ignores science, allows high-risk sheep shipments

    First 5000     |      March 21, 2019

    The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has announced proposed conditions for live sheep exports during the 2019 Northern summer. Under the proposed arrangements, shipments won’t be allowed in June, July and August but can proceed in May.