Mid-sized companies

First 5000 caters for Australian owned enterprises which typically:

Employ between 20 and 199 people
Report a turnover above $10 million a year
Enjoy annual growth rates of 15% and over
Have been in operation for 6-10 years or more
Can be innovative
Looks to trade internationally

For more information read GAP’s latest research summarised in this handy infographic and read the in depth report from GAP’s summit on mid-sized businesses, held in September 2017.

More facts and figures

Medium-sized businesses in Australia – over 51,000 companies with 20-199 employees (ABS, 2017) – are an impressive cohort:

  • Collectively, they employ almost 2.5 million people
  • They turn over $717.3 billion in sales and service revenue annually
  • They operate in all the major industry sectors
  • Services, manufacturing and retail are the biggest employers
  • Wholesale trade is the biggest earner, followed by manufacturing,construction and retail

The most successful of these innovative businesses – the top-performing midsize companies with a turnover between $10 million and $250 million – account for half of the sector’s total workforce and over three quarters of its cumulative revenue10. A substantial proportion of these businesses are family-owned11 (see Infographic in attachment).

Over 76% of medium-sized businesses are located in three major states – NSW (almost a third, 31%), followed by VIC and QLD (25% and 20% respectively).