Top 6 Barriers to Growth – medium business guide         

| March 20, 2019

Locally medium businesses are forgotten. They get lumped in the SME label when they are like large businesses but without their resources. While less than 5% of all businesses they provide a third of all revenue and jobs. In Europe they get far more attention as reflected in their 16% growth rate vs just 1.5% overall.

Despite their success, 90% say they face 6 barriers to reaching their full potential: Time to think, Affordable assistance, Digital technology, Succession planning, Sales growth and Cash flow. The Top 6 Barriers to Growth – medium business guide helps address them all. Some of the tactics can be done manually or within existing software so the guide is always worth reading. If you already use Attaché, you will unearth under-utilised functions.  

We also raise two concerns. Firstly, one size does not fit all. We are seeing so-called advisors pushing small business software to medium businesses who end up going backwards. Secondly, the cloud is experiencing issues never envisaged by many like speed, outages and security concerns. 70% of medium and large businesses prefer hybrid systems which is a course correction in the cloud landscape. Both these topics and more are in the guide.

This new 34 page guide is complementary to all First 5000 readers and their contacts. It is based on studies across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. You can download the guide at: