5 ideas to make the most of your office coffee

| March 20, 2019

When you’re at work and that long-awaited coffee break finally comes, there is nothing more disappointing than going to the old vending machine in the break room which gives you that tasteless, barely coffee-reminiscent liquid. You still drink it, since you have no other choice, but you go back to your work dissatisfied despite the presumably energizing effect of this beverage. However, this doesn’t have to be like that. Whether you’re the only employee that loves to indulge in drinking coffee or you’re the manager and you want to give your employees a little push, there are a few ways how you can improve the coffee situation at the office. Let’s see!

Bring your own

While stopping at Starbucks on the way to work every single day would not be good news for your wallet, you can still bring your own coffee to the office in various ways. This is handy if your office doesn’t have a coffee machine – and while that sounds almost unimaginable in the 21st century, it is a possibility in smaller offices. In case you’re an avid coffee lover but are faced with this situation, consider getting a portable brewer and a hand grinder. You can store these in your drawer and use them when the time comes for that cup of java! You can skip the grinder part if you get an airtight container and bring pre-ground coffee from home each week. Alternatively, you can get a really good thermos and bring your pre-made coffee from home, or when the summer hits, cold brew or homemade ice coffee will be your best friend in this regard!

Make a coffee club

If there is a handful or more of you at the office who like to enjoy their morning coffee, you can start a “coffee club” and improve your daily cup of joe with joint effort. If you feel like your office coffee is lacking in some way, try to find what needs improvement. Start with buying quality whole beans, and try to make it local, as locally roasted beans will probably be fresher and have more aroma than imported ones. In case you were buying pre-ground coffee, forget about that. Coffee tastes best if ground just before preparing the beverage – which brings us to the next point. If your office doesn’t have a coffee grinder, try to get your coffee club to chime in and get one together to make the experience better for everyone. In case your office has a pod coffee machine, try experimenting with different brands and different flavors to find the best option.

Rent a coffee machine

If you’re an employer, you’re in luck because you have all the power to bring a change into your office coffee scene. If you’ve been reluctant to take this step until now seeing the stellar prices of coffee machines, you will be happy to hear that, luckily, investing in a good coffee machine your employees will flock to does not have to be an expensive endeavor. And having one of these bad boys will definitely boost the office morale and atmosphere. For instance, today, you can get delicious Italian coffee in your Melbourne office without any capital investment by renting a coffee machine from Lavazza Bluepod. The machine itself is free-on-loan, all you have to pay for are the pods each month!

Pay attention to the details

While you probably have plenty of more important things to keep in mind at your workplace, being a little more attentive of the details when it comes to your coffee can make a difference too. For instance, make a note of how long that brewed pot has been waiting there in the office kitchen and avoid drinking stale coffee this way. Or if you feel like your coffee tastes a bit funny, try swapping tap water with bottled water and see if it makes a difference. It also helps tremendously to have the coffee maker cleaned every now and then.

Convince your employer

Even if the abovementioned techniques are not possible for you to use, not all is lost. You can also try and convince your employer to invest in or rent one of these machines by presenting them with all the impeccable benefits a good office coffee machine will bring into the workplace. If you have your coffee club and your employer sees that, indeed, this would improve the office atmosphere for their employees, chances are they are going to be inclined to follow along with your suggestion.

Drinking bad coffee is such a disappointing experience. When you finally get a break from the monotone tasks and can’t wait to have a taste of that freshly brewed cup of joe, make sure you make the most of it. Be it by preparing it at home and bringing it to work, by preparing it with a portable brewer or by enjoying some chit-chat with your co-workers while crowding around your office coffee machine, coffee drinking can be a pleasant social experience that will give you enough good vibes to finish off your tasks with ease!