Create the ultimate customer journey with your website

| November 19, 2019

You see the numbers but you can’t wrap your head around them: why are so many visitors leaving your website without taking any action? If the website speed is satisfactory and the number of visitors is high despite the high bounce rate, there must be something else that needs to be improved to boost conversion.

The broadest of explanations for this situation is that your customers’ journey through the website is windy and confusing which causes them to give up before even sometimes taking look at the offer. With that in mind, here are 3 crucial elements to consider when creating the ultimate customer journey which results in a purchase. 

Understand your traffic

The first thing you need to ask yourself is where your website’s visitors come from? This is important in terms of determining the best manner to entice them to purchase your product. If they are a cold lead and they know next to nothing about your offer, you will need to work a bit harder to win them over, while the visitors that are somewhat familiar with your brand (i.e. that came via your social media profile) will take less convincing.

Your visitors’ professional background is also an essential element in concocting the optimal customer experience because the content that you provide needs to be in accordance with their interests which means you need to know if you are dealing with an individual or a company. But most importantly, the website content needs to be consistent with your business goals because that is the only manner you will make sure you attract the right buyers for your products or services.

Another piece of information that your traffic hides is the type of solution your visitors are after. They come for a solution for different ‘problems’ but if they have a problem finding it, you will have a problem keeping them on your website. A high bounce rate is a sign that their journey has ended even before it started and that you need to work on your website map.

Know exactly what you wish your customers to do

To be able to increase the conversion rates by ushering the visitors to the purchase page, you need to be clear on what you wish for their actions to be. If businesses are your target audience, showing them your company is on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies might be the perfect way to prompt them to learn more about your advertising and marketing services. Such acknowledgments of your work deepen your visitors’ trust in your brand.

When it comes to call-to-action (CTA) buttons which will serve as a guide for your visitors, it is important that they all point to the same goal. Too many CTAs directing towards different goals can seem aggressive to visitors so it is better to focus on one goal at the time. For example, if you wish to increase the sales of a particular product or to promote a specific service, you can perhaps offer a free trial via CTAs with the aim of gaining their interest.

In addition to that, the CTAs themselves need to be easy to find because people are nowadays swamped with information from every direction and they don’t have time to wander about until they find what they need. The copy should be straightforward for the same reason but also because a confusing copy will also drive your audience away from your website. 

Help your customers reach a decision

Once you know where your visitors are coming from and where you wish them to end up, it is time to deal with the middle part of the customer journey across your website. The road to the cart is not always straight, especially for cold leads so you might need to offer something to your visitors before they become your customers. A little something which doesn’t oblige them to make any purchase can actually be a strong motivator for them to do exactly it.

But first you have to think hard about what you can offer in terms of your budget, time, and you also need to keep in mind that it needs to be deeply connected to your products or services or otherwise they will not be able to see that they need your products or services. This free gift of a sort needs to be carefully thought out to show your business expertise and skill which will make them wish to do business with you after that. 

If your goal is to increase the sale of your online courses on e-mail marketing, you could consider offering a free webinar about it which will allow any of those who interact with the CTA button to get some basic knowledge about the topic. As a crucial stop on their customer journey, a well-devised free webinar will encourage them to purchase the whole course and learn how to enrich their marketing strategy.


Knowing where your visitors come from will help you determine the effort you need to get them on board. Strong and concise CTAs will guide them right where you want them while a free ‘gift’ will be the last motivation on their journey to your goal – conversion. All three of these elements are equally important to have a perfect customer experience.