Powerful strategies to increase your online presence

| August 13, 2019
online presence

According to the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, small business ventures account for some 97% (just over 2 million) of all Australian businesses. Now, imagine all of these “combatants” fighting against one another in a single online arena. It’s no wonder then that so many small businesses get lost in the crowd, so to speak. Yet, what can you do when the competition is so fierce? Simple — you create a powerful online strategy to boost your web presence. 

If you want to learn more about these, just keep on reading.

What Do We Mean by “Online Presence?”

Simply put, online (or web) presence is your virtual sales magnet with which you attract new customers, generate referrals, and spread brand awareness. It’s the sum of all your online interactions established through various accounts and identities on different websites, including social media, forums, and other platforms. By boosting your online presence you essentially gain the trust of your prospective customers and followers, allowing you to increase your overall client-base and (hopefully) grow your business.

For example, imagine you wanted to buy a new bike, what do you do? You scour the web, you read relevant reviews, and you look for referrals. Most likely, you’ll pick a brand from the very first page of your Google search or a brand that you’re already familiar with. Even if you somehow narrowed it down to two totally unknown brands, you’re more likely to pick the brand that has more followers and a better “personality” (social media engagement) over the other.

Now, let’s get straight down to business and review some of the best practices you can implement into your own online marketing campaign to increase traffic, boost conversion rates, and create meaningful engagements with your followers.

Work on Your Brand Awareness

Every brand is a story in itself and you (and your customers) are its author/s. In short, brand awareness helps you establish meaningful connections with your audience and influences the way you are perceived by the general majority; it’s the overall image of your brand. 

Now, the best way to accomplish this goal is to portray your business more as a human being (so people can more easily empathize with it) rather than a soulless corporation. You do this by adding some flavour and “personality” to your content, making it both fun and interactive for your target audience. Here’s the tricky part: not everyone shares the same sense of humour; you have to find out what makes your specific target audience “tick. ” 

For instance, what New Yorkers find funny might be considered offensive to the people back in Sydney. Hence, it’s always better to consult with the locals, in this case, a digital agency in Sydney and hit the bulls-eye with your target audience rather than failing to hit the mark and shooting yourself in the foot.

Bring Your Website Into the 21st Century

Gone are the days when you could just create a website and call it a day. Nowadays, you have to update it regularly. For instance, if your website’s design is older than five years, chances are it’s not fully optimized for mobile phone users. According to Statista, over 52% of all online traffic was generated through mobile phones last year. Now, apart from having a more responsive design, other things to look out for are: engaging visuals, fresh content, and sending a clear message. 

Overall, you have around 10 seconds to grab your readers attention before they bounce back to another page. As a result, you want your website to look neat and professional, without any superfluous imagery or phrasing. That way, you make a good first impression which is vital for retaining prospective clients and turning them into loyal customers.

Establish Meaningful Connections with Your Target Audience

Fostering an online connection with your customers works like any other human relationship — you have to continually work on it, nurture it; otherwise it will grow cold and die. This entails both reactive and proactive engagement on social media and other platforms. The former essentially means that you act as a sort of secretary for your brand, replying to comments, answering direct messages, and so on. The latter implies that you’re the one that “breaks the ice” and starts conversations with your followers and readers. It’s as simple as helping a customer out, supporting your community, and creating a vibrant dialogue between your followers rather than promoting a one-way street (monologue).

Step Up Your SEO Game

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a neat way to boost your website traffic and increase your web presence. The thing about SEO is that it’s not just a one-time thing. Rather, it requires constant tweaking and adjustment to be efficient; though, it’s well worth the effort. For instance, work on your meta descriptions and headlines to increase your click-through rates, publish case studies to get links back to your site and build authority, repurpose old content (articles, etc.) into slideshows, infographics, videos, etc. 

All in all, it’s easy to get overshadowed in the vastness of the great online sea. By implementing some, or most of these strategies, you make sure that your voice is heard in this noisy world. So, be active, be up-to-date, and follow the latest online trends to stay relevant and successful.