How to improve your website conversion rate

| September 10, 2019

Ever since the digital has become the norm, businesses of all sizes have come across a myriad of ongoing, constantly evolving challenges to stay relevant and visible. Even when you do manage to get people to your website, the chances of each visitor making a purchase now depend on numerous factors. How well does your website load on mobile devices? Are you posting content that is enticing and relevant to your audience? How about hidden expenses related to your products about which your customers find out at the very last checkout step? While we’re at it, how many steps does your checkout journey have? 

These are merely scratching the surface of what’s considered essential to keep your website’s conversion rates high. To juggle all those conversion factors successfully, you need to have a strategy that employs only the most effective tactics – some are timeless, some are era-specific, but they all work in unison to help elevate your brand. Let’s take a look at a few methods that still matter and that should be a part of your own approach as well.

Use chatbots to maximize customer service

Modern-day businesses are all familiar with AI and its many implementations in the world of e-commerce. For your particular store, the benefits would likely be manifold. Chatbots are used as a way to reduce workload for live agents and answer questions some of your customers may have without causing a delay in communication – they’re available 24/7. They also gather data that is essential for refining personalization in your customer interactions and they can then cross-sell and up-sell products based on those preferences.

Taking into account that 75% of customers believe that it takes too long to talk to a person in support, you want to give them a more efficient alternative. That way, they will get what they want, and their experience will be a smooth one, so that they’ll happily refer you to their friends and family – and come back to your store for more. 

Refine your website design

First impressions do matter in the world of business. If your website looks like a scam with flashing ads and poor navigation choices, you’ll likely lose not just customers, but visitors for good. If, on the other hand, your website looks sleek, easy to use, and has all the colors of your brand integrated to let the customers know where they are, you have a solid chance to win them over. 

When you already have a fully-developed brand identity, working with a website design company can be very helpful in delivering a digital presentation on your website that will completely reflect your brand and its values. Experts can help you simplify your design and turn your website into a functional, but appealing experience for your customers, one that doesn’t force them to wait for images to load or pushes too many annoying ads their way. A clean look with your brand’s undertone is a must. 

Provide a simple checkout process

Another example that shows us just how powerful simplicity can be is in the checkout process, the breaking point for many of your customers which you can use to boost your conversions. To get a little perspective, studies show that close to 70% of e-commerce carts get abandoned. Some come across an added shipping cost they don’t expect because it’s clearly stated, others find the site unreliable security-wise, and some find the entire process to complex.

Sometimes, the solution is fairly simple, such as adding those famous security badges to ensure your customers they’re in good hands. Consider eliminating the obligatory subscription or account creation model, because that also deters people from finalizing the purchase, and of course, keep it as short as possible, in a matter of a few clicks. 

Action-packed content matters

By action, we of course mean CTAs, which are a must-have for all digital businesses trying to inspire their customers to actually make a purchase. Truth be told, CTAs are different for all businesses, and you need to find what works for your customers, which is why you need to understand precisely what kind of content appeals to your website visitors. You need to know what’s their level of tolerance for pop-up windows offering subscriptions, free trials, and sales coupons. 

Add to that, the content you disperse all over your site, including your product descriptions, your navigation menus, and your blog, it all needs to be engaging enough to get your customers to take action, not just to peruse or skim through. Words are powerful tools you can use to get more people to go through with each purchase, so make the most of your website’s content potential to boost sales. 

Add customer reviews 

Skyrocketing conversions with the help of reviews is one thing too many modern businesses forget about when designing their site. To be more precise, it’s possible to get a 270% increase in conversions when you give your product reviews. It may sound like pure sorcery, but it’s actually quite logical: customer-written reviews are equivalent to word-of-mouth marketing, but in a digital format. 

If other customers are raving about your brand, and you own those reviews, not only will Google be happier about flaunting your store in the SERPs, but your visitors will be more inclined to trust your brand, because so many before them already have. 

The success of your website, and ultimately your business, depends on many different factors. The listed ones are a simple example of how a little can go a long way when it comes to tapping into your customers’ preferences, so use them to your advantage and help your conversions begin to soar.