• Business Politics and Policy

    Australia’s SME business owners still undecided on election

    First 5000 |  April 24, 2019

    Over the next three weeks all parties have significant work to do to convince Australia’s small and medium business owners that their policies are best to support small businesses.

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  • Politics and Policy

    Labor to offer better protections for casual workers

    Bill Shorten |  April 24, 2019

    A Shorten Labor Government will get historically low wages moving again by acting on job security if it is elected in May. 

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  • Politics and Policy

    Liberal Party to establish to small and family business growth fund

    Scott Morrison |  April 24, 2019

    The Morrison Government will establish a $100 million Australian Business Growth Fund to help small and family businesses to grow into bigger and better businesses and create more jobs.

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Latest News

  • Young people call for paid internships, training and job creation

    First 5000     |      April 15, 2019

    New research shows that 45 percent of young people are not confident, or are unsure, of finding work in their chosen career after completing their studies, with many young people wanting more jobs to be created and additional help finding work through opportunities such as paid internships and training.

  • Overcoming digital disruption is not just about technology 

    First 5000     |      April 15, 2019

    Disruption and transformation is not all about technology. It is as much about educating leaders and empowering people to transform, says a leading not-for-profit. 

  • Macquarie University to link Australia’s future smart satellites

    First 5000     |      April 15, 2019

    Eighty-four research and industry partners are contributing $190 million investment in cash and in kind to the new Cooperative Research Centre for Smart Satellite Technologies and Analytics, and the Australian government is contributing a further $55 million.

  • Best sellers use story-triggering

    Shawn Callahan     |      April 12, 2019

    Story-triggering happens when someone does something remarkable enough that the people who see or experience it tell a story about it.

  • Singapore small business owners optimistic about growth in 2019

    First 5000     |      April 12, 2019

    Small businesses in Singapore grew less strongly than their counterparts in Southeast Asia, despite growing at their strongest pace in three years in 2018 and outperforming other developed economies like Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Taiwan, according to a new survey released today.

  • Opportunity knocks for Sydney designers

    First 5000     |      April 12, 2019

    The City of Sydney will give up to 10 local fashion designers the opportunity to establish viable business models and open their first retail spaces.

  • Business Council releases plan for stronger Australia

    First 5000     |      April 11, 2019

    The Business Council is today releasing a plan aimed at creating a more resilient Australia, with better jobs, more jobs, higher wages, lower taxes, improved living standards, and lower energy prices, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

  • Aussie retailers discounting to disaster: report

    First 5000     |      April 11, 2019

    Discounting is considered the bane of many retailers’ existence. Yet, are retailers’ slaves to discount-demanding consumers, or have they created these ‘discount monsters’ themselves?

  • How SMEs can benefit from Design Thinking

    Lillian Connors     |      April 11, 2019

    New products and businesses always start out as somebody’s great idea, but unfortunately those great ideas don’t always work out.

  • Redefining the data ecosystem for the data economy

    Rachel Bevans     |      April 10, 2019

    Organisations know that to capitalise on the data economy and grow their business, they need data to make decisions that enable delivering a unified customer experience and employee experience, supply chain integration, innovation and new business models.

  • Impediments to business investment report

    First 5000     |      April 10, 2019

    The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics has presented the report of its inquiry into impediments to business investment.

  • Delay on consumer disclosure in super will hurt member retirement outcomes

    First 5000     |      April 10, 2019

    The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) has today warned that delays to consumer disclosure requirements will negatively impact on the retirement outcomes of millions of unsuspecting Australians.

  • SMEs say no to property as security: survey

    First 5000     |      April 9, 2019

    Eight out of 10 business owners say they resent providing property as security to fund their SMEs, and overwhelmingly they would be willing to pay a higher interest rate to get property out of the funding equation, according to national research. 

  • Ombudsman appointment to support small business in Defence industry capability

    First 5000     |      April 9, 2019

    The Minister for Defence Industry, Senator Linda Reynolds has appointed Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell as co-chair of the Advisory Board for the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC).

  • Australian airport technology goes global

    First 5000     |      April 9, 2019

    Sydney based passenger automation and self-service bag drop solutions for airports and airlines globally, Investec Australia Ltd, has been sold and will become part of the Amadeus Airport IT division upon completion of the transaction.