• Rural Australia needs allied health professionals

    First 5000     |      April 23, 2019

    An incoming Federal Government needs to immediately address the critical shortage of allied health professionals in rural, regional and remote Australia if the nation is to have any hope of making healthcare accessible to those regions, according to the National Rural Health Alliance.

  • Value in health insurance: private hospital access

    First 5000     |      February 14, 2019

    Australians are still accessing private hospitals in increasing numbers, easing the burden on public hospitals and taxpayers.

  • Secure messaging to replace outdated fax machines

    First 5000     |      January 15, 2019

    The future of secure messaging and interoperability across the Australian health sector was discussed at a recent workshop held by the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) in Sydney.

  • A healthy brain, your 2019 New Year’s resolution

    First 5000     |      December 31, 2018

    Dementia Australia is inviting all Australians to make their brain health a priority in 2019 by incorporating a number of changes to lower their risk of dementia.

  • High cholesterol costs Australia $4 billion

    First 5000     |      December 9, 2018

    High cholesterol placed an estimated $4 billion burden on the Australian economy in 2017-18, with more than one in three adult Australians, or 7.1 million people, estimated to be living with high cholesterol, according to a new Heart Foundation report.

  • The touchy subject of obesity in the workplace

    First 5000     |      October 26, 2018

    Overweight workers are costing Australian companies hundreds of millions of dollars per year and employers are refraining from addressing their concerns about obesity due to a fear of sounding discriminative or being accused of “fat shaming”.

  • Get on your bike for Ride2Work Day

    First 5000     |      October 16, 2018

    Women across Australia are being encouraged to leave the car at home and jump on their bike this Wednesday.

  • Living lab launched to reinvent modern ageing

    Andrew Spence     |      October 14, 2018

    A centre dedicated to designing products and services specifically to help older people live better lives has opened in South Australia.

  • How the switch to daylight saving time affects our health

    Oliver Rawashdeh     |      October 8, 2018

    We all need time to adjust to daylight saving time – but students and full-time workers might have a tougher time in the weeks after the changeover. So go easy on your kids and colleagues.

  • Work out to work better

    First 5000     |      October 6, 2018

    Finding time for physical exercise can be a daily struggle when we are juggling work and life commitments. Diabetes NSW & ACT recommended several ways in which you can make exercise your daily priority.

  • One more cup of coffee for the road?

    First 5000     |      October 2, 2018

    Do you love your morning coffee jolt a little too much? Do you follow your first double shot with a second a little too quickly? Chances are you’re one of the caffeine addicts making Australia’s sleep specialists worried.

  • When resilience isn’t enough to fight burnout

    First 5000     |      September 26, 2018

    Employees are often advised to toughen up to prevent burnout – a special type of job stress characterised by exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy – but research shows the drivers of burnout are usually found in the work environment rather than in the individual failings of employees.

  • Safety alert issued for engineered stone benchtop workers

    First 5000     |      September 19, 2018

    Queensland’s Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace has issued an urgent safety warning for workers and employers in the state’s engineered stone benchtop manufacturing industry to remind them that the dry cutting of engineered stone is prohibited due to the risk of inhaling silica dust.

  • R U OK at work?

    Melinda Fell     |      September 14, 2018

    When studies have shown that 45% of Australians currently aged between 16 to 85 will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, and a third of these cases will be related to pressures experienced at work, it’s high time to start talking.

  • Four common workplace chemicals linked to prostate cancer

    First 5000     |      August 6, 2018

    A new Canadian study has linked four common hazardous substances to an aggressive form of early onset prostate cancer.

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