• Business Development

    Businesses that invested in employee development saw COVID growth: Avado

    First 5000 |  May 6, 2021

    Some 63 per cent of businesses that saw stable revenue or profit invested in employee development during 2020, according to a survey of APAC businesses. 

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  • Digital transformation

    How manual processes are causing SME failure

    First 5000 |  May 5, 2021

    Many organisations have been forced to fast-track digital transformation to maintain operations during the disruptions of the past year. However, some SMEs are still using manual processes that are not sustainable and could cause business failure within a few years, according to SAP Concur.

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  • Remote work

    How to replace the water cooler if your team works from home

    Nina Fountain |  May 4, 2021

    Are you concerned about the impact of remote working on your team’s culture? Many prominent leaders are also concerned, Nina Fountain of Transformed Teams explains. 

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  • Have your say Pacific Relationships

    HAVE YOUR SAY: How can we build stronger business relationships between Australia and the Pacific?

    Helen Hull |  May 3, 2021

    Australia’s relations with our Pacific neighbours has been recognised as being of fundamental importance and vital interest to Australia.

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  • Online Retail

    Bunnings snags top stop in online retail awards

    First 5000 |  April 30, 2021

    Bunnings Warehouse has snagged the top-spot, at Power Retail’s online rankings ‘The All Star Bash’ followed by grocery giant, Woolworths, in second place. 

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  • Business Mature workers

    Investment in mature aged workers positively impacts your business

    Peter Cheel |  April 28, 2021

    Given a lack of holistic retirement planning by mature age workers and the resultant costly decisions which impact retirees, help is needed to support them to plan effectively, Peter Cheel business coach and leadership development consultant explains.

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  • Mental Health

    Counting on U – mental health support

    First 5000 |  April 27, 2021

    Counting on U is an Australian-wide, workplace mental health, and relationship-building intervention, that aims to provide training to business advisors to better support the needs of small-to-medium (SME) business owners. 

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Latest News

  • 3 steps to reclaim your reputation on LinkedIn

    Karen Tisdell     |      April 15, 2021

    Your reputation is shaped by how others think of you, and often, these perceptions fail to do your talent justice. This is especially true if you work with partners and peers in another city, state, or country, LinkedIn profile writing expert Karen Tisdell explains.

  • Business conditions reach record high

    First 5000     |      April 14, 2021

    Business conditions rose to a record high in March, driven by strong increases in all sub- components – which are all now also all at record highs, according to the March NAB Group Economics Monthly Business Survey. 

  • Reflections on the end of JobKeeper

    Peter Strong     |      April 13, 2021

    JobKeeper ended on Sunday 28 March and, as with most things, this is good and bad, COSBOA CEO Peter Strong explains. 

  • Businesses buoyed by Govt stimulus to face cashflow pressures

    First 5000     |      April 12, 2021

    Corporate and personal insolvencies have declined to record low levels following the implementation of COVID-induced temporary protections, according to the 2021 AICM Risk Report.

  • It might be time to shift your online job search offline

    Gary Martin     |      April 9, 2021

    It may surprise you to learn that most job vacancies do not make it on to online job boards, company websites, newspapers or – for that matter – anywhere else in public view. Professor Gary Martin explains.

  • Achieving business success through an agile workforce

    First 5000     |      April 8, 2021

    Ensuring business continuity when employees can’t go to the office requires a flexible, agile approach, according to software company NICE.

  • Inclusion is the wave of the future for workplace culture

    Maria Velasco     |      April 7, 2021

    It’s well-established that inclusive companies function better and are more successful in terms of business outcomes, but, perhaps even more importantly, positive workplace cultures are associated with employee satisfaction, retention, and well-being Maria Velasco explains.

  • Australian Space Discovery Centre launches

    First 5000     |      April 6, 2021

    The Australian Space Discovery Centre was officially unveiled by Prime Minister Scott Morrison last week (31 March). It aims to inspire the Australian community and the next generation of the space workforce through stories of opportunity, curiosity and technology.

  • Breaking the skills shortage barrier for Australian businesses

    First 5000     |      April 1, 2021

    Skill shortages are becoming a significant barrier, particularly for the businesses attempting to make a recovery out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Joint Standing Committee on Migration has released an Interim Report for the Inquiry into Australia’s Skilled Migration. 

  • R.E.S.E.T your thinking

    Alexandra Egan     |      March 31, 2021

    Values determine how we act. What we think. Who we turn up as.  The decisions we make. The attitude we bring. We are always guided by our values both in our personal and professional life. Alexandra Egan explains.

  • Time for a disclosure about email disclaimers

    Gary Martin     |      March 30, 2021

    Disclaimers that appear at the end of emails have become an inescapable accompaniment to almost all business communications. But just as they seem to be proliferating and growing in length, Professor Gary Martin is questioning whether these wordy wonders serve any real purpose.

  • Two-thirds of SMEs plan to restructure in 2021: survey

    First 5000     |      March 29, 2021

    A national survey of 1253 small businesses has found signs of improved SME confidence, although many businesses remain uncertain about their road to recovery.

  • How to get a better deal for Australia under the Business Innovation and Investment Program

    First 5000     |      March 26, 2021

    Investment manager Atlas Advisors Australia is calling for better use of migrant investment to fill critical gaps in Australian venture capital and industry.

  • New mental health support service for business owners

    First 5000     |      March 25, 2021

    Stressed small business owners can now connect to a new, tailored mental health support service by visiting the My Business Health portal.

  • Federal Court ruling provides clarification on statutory unconscionable conduct

    First 5000     |      March 24, 2021

    The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Bruce Billson has welcomed the landmark decision of the Full Federal Court to make ‘a sufficient departure from the norms of acceptable commercial behaviour’ a test of whether conduct is ‘unconscionable’ under the Australian law.