The benefits of podcasting your business

| July 3, 2018

I recently published a ‘Run Your Business Better podcast on Blockchain’ on LinkedIn. I had it posted in a number of groups, and in one group I received a comment asking, “What are the benefits of podcasting your business?”

Not a question I had given much thought to, but something I just did, so it got me thinking about how I should respond and came up with the following reasons a business can benefit from podcasting.

1 – Podcasting positions you and/or your company as an expert

Have you ever been to a conference and one of your peers have been on the panel, a guest presenter, or the keynote speaker? The mere fact they are presenting has lifted their positioning as an expert. Podcasts are just a different platform to the stage, and like books and webinars lift the position of the presenter and/or the company as an expert.

2 – Podcasts are a terrific addition to the marketing mix

You can integrate podcasts with your other digital marketing efforts. You can discuss the same topic as a recent blog post and promote your other social channels. Like this article, you can also leverage the podcast back to your other digital content. Apart from this article being published on an online magazine, it is also published on Twitter and LinkedIn, and to LinkedIn groups. It will also be on the Byronvale Advisors website.

3 – Builds a relationship with the audience

The way businesses market to customers and engage with them is a lot more personal than it has been in the past. Social media in particular has allowed businesses to build a relationship and connect on a very personal level. Podcasts take that personal connection opportunity a step further as it is a connection through voice rather than just words. I think most people would agree that hearing someone is more personal than just receiving an email or a tweet.

4 – Alternative to video and radio

How often do you listen to the radio nowadays or watch free-to-air television live? With buyer centric marketing and technology an audience chooses what they listen and watch, and also when. Podcast can also be disguised as a conversation and something other than promotional copy. With advances in technology with firstly smartphones, and now integrations such as CarPlay, podcasts is likely to overtake radio as a listening preference for news and information.

Videos on social media is also becoming increasing popular and it is also used by search engine algorithms for ranking. Podcasts are similar and an alternative. If you’re a big introvert like me, then podcasts can feel a little less intimidating than videos.

5 – Time efficient communication

More time than ever before is spent commuting – to and from work, Mum and Dad taxis, on planes and trains. Podcasts are portable, and you can take the podcast with you and listen to it whenever and wherever you want and can also listen to the podcast while you do other things at work or home.

6 – Easy to create

Podcasting software is easily available on the internet – even for free. It doesn’t need to be well scripted and professionally mixed either – people like a more conversational, less rigid podcast. I would however ‘invest’ in either a headset microphone or lavalier for your smartphone – these are inexpensive and improve the sound quality exponentially.

7 – Direct access to influencers

As a podcaster, you have instantly become part of the media and can ask for access to pick the brain of an influencer or subject matter expert. In return you are giving the influencer something they want: an audience.

I also find it is a useful way to become more knowledge on different topics – the Blockchain podcast I recorded with Mitchell Travers is a case point – I really didn’t know too much about Blockchain but talking to Mitchell on the podcast and researching beforehand the podcast topic, I came away with a basic abut good understanding of Blockchain. This value, through the podcast, can be freely transferred to the listener.

So, a parting question – are you planning to be a leader in this growing medium or chasing it once the ship has sailed? If you’re a Business-to-Business company, then I’d highly recommend you consider adding podcasts into your marketing mix.