• Are the worst of COVID-19 business impacts over or are they yet to come?

    Stephen Barnes     |     March 9, 2021

    Every now and then it is useful to reflect on where we have come from.  A year ago, we were entering into the great unknown of the impacts of the 

  • How mature aged workers can be supported by businesses

    Stephen Barnes     |     August 19, 2020

    Australian businesses have been very slow to embrace activities geared to the needs of an ageing workforce. This is a missed opportunity that, in the long run, will be costly 

  • Mature workers provide ‘lived experience’

    Stephen Barnes     |     August 4, 2020

    My youngest daughter’s remote learning work came with a graphic yesterday “Shout out to the old people for graduating high school without Google”. Why the world today is different from when 

  • The CEO’s guide to leading a business through COVID-19

    Stephen Barnes     |     July 3, 2020

    Three months ago, businesses were focusing on growth and investment. Because of COVID-19, they are now focused on just one thing: survival - through the pandemic and beyond. CEOs are 

  • Six ways your business is going to do things differently post COVID-19

    Stephen Barnes     |     April 28, 2020

    It would be a big understatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a ‘shock’ to business. But one’s character comes through by the way we deal with a shock 

  • Decision inertia

    Stephen Barnes     |     March 27, 2020

    When faced with a crisis a natural reaction is to stop making decisions or decision inertia. This is also true in business when faced with a crisis. Some people will say 

  • Argumentum ad hominem

    Stephen Barnes     |     January 14, 2019

    As an owner of a B2B business, Facebook isn’t my first choice in social media application, instead I use LinkedIn and Twitter for my business. However, over the summer holidays I 

  • Getting a competitive edge with workplace competition

    Stephen Barnes     |     December 19, 2018

    ‘Life’s not a competition’ – a saying our parents might have said to us along with telling us about Santa and the Easter Bunny, however, in business, and in the 

  • The precarious life of an independent worker

    Stephen Barnes     |     August 5, 2018

    The first section of my book Run Your Business Better is all about challenging the reader the think about the reasons they are in business, if it’s a 

  • The benefits of podcasting your business

    Stephen Barnes     |     July 3, 2018

    I recently published a ‘Run Your Business Better podcast on Blockchain’ on LinkedIn. I had it posted in a number of groups, and in one group I 

  • Your end of financial year checklist

    Stephen Barnes     |     June 20, 2018

    With the 1st July fast approach there are a number of small things business can do to not only make the financial year end go smoothly, but also position it 

  • The 30+ year old’s guide to blockchain

    Stephen Barnes     |     June 2, 2018

    Heard of Blockchain? Isn’t it that Bitcoin cryptocurrency thing that you hear of the news that young people are making and then subsequently losing a fortune in? And any way 

  • Big block of cheese day

    Stephen Barnes     |     May 8, 2018

    'Andrew Jackson, in the main foyer of his White House had a big block of cheese.... I am making a mental list of those who are snickering, and even as 

  • How to manage your business risk

    Stephen Barnes     |     May 2, 2018

    Small business owners, especially solopreneurs, often find themselves so busy ‘doing the job’ that they allow themselves very little time to think about managing business risks. However it is often this 

  • The power of planning

    Stephen Barnes     |     April 25, 2018

    Steven Barnes will appear on the ‘Taking Care of Business’ radio show hosted by Jacki Mitchell from 11am to noon on Friday April 27. Tune in on 98.7 FM 

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