The CEO’s content strategy for business success

| March 23, 2020

Now, more than ever, the public are voting with their wallets and it is time the CEO took on the mission to build a reputation on some key core values. This is not just desired by the public, but expected of the CEO[1]and anything less will lead to brand failure.

Using Reputation Marketing[2]strategy the CEO needs to develop a content marketing strategy for social media and PR opportunities, but often struggles to know what to write.

Many find it easy to talk about what the business does, the services they offer and the wonderful selling points often used by the sales team but frankly that isn’t what the public, including employees, really want from the CEO.

Here are the key content themes that form the back bone of a Reputation Marketing Strategy, as identified by the global beliefs study, the Edelman Trust Barometer. These themes form the foundations of trust in order of priority and give CEO’s and brand teams the perfect formula for content marketing and social media:

  1. Societal Impact – the organisations contributions for the betterment of society:Now this doesn’t have to mean that you stand for a social cause, but in some way you need to be purposeful about doing something better for the world’s people or the planet.
  2. Values – The organisations values: What does the business stand for? What do you care about?
  3. The Future – The organisation’s vision for the future: What is the future going to look like in your company or because of your company?
  4. Purpose – The organisation’s mission and purpose:This could be as simple as making life easier for certain people, but as big as reducing pollution, or changing the way people see each other.
  5. Operations – Operational decisions, including decisions that may affect their jobs: Full transparency is the unspoken expectation here. The world wants to be kept up to date with all the good and the bad. Vulnerability will be your best asset when things go wrong too. Show the world what you are doing to improve, to take care of your people, keep them involved and go on the journey with you.

These key content themes work not only for the external face of the business to the wider consumer but is as important internally with your own people for retention, engagement and ultimately to be your best ambassadors.

[1]Source: Edelman Trust Barometer

[2]Reputation Marketing: Coined by entrepreneurial marketer Anne Miles, founder of Suits&Sneakers, a global marketing and advertising talent agent. First discussed on LinkedIn: