Facebook predicted to lose young users

| January 16, 2019
Facebook Predicted to Lose Young Users

Facebook is rapidly losing its young audience base. According to the latest research conducted by eMarketer, Facebook is facing a rapid decline in users under the age of 25. This is the first time eMarketer has predicted such a trend for the social media giant which popularity and the number of users have only been going upward since its inception.

Based on the research done, analysts have concluded that users between the age of 12 and 17 are only using Facebook once a month. It was also concluded that users of this age have suffered a decrease of 5.6% while users between 18 and 24 have suffered a decrease of 5.8%. The number of users of the age 11 and younger are also expected to nosedive by 9.3%.

This is the first time that Facebook has experienced numbers like these. Although the popularity of social networks, in general, has never been higher, the popularity of Facebook itself has never been lower.

Facebook is credited as being one of the pioneers to start the social media trend. Thanks to Facebook, many people got interested in this kind of a service and it also caused other developers to make their own social networks. All in all, we have Facebook to thank for the world that we are living in today.

Facebook Predicted to Lose Young Users

So why is it declining in popularity? The fact is that although Facebook is still innovative and they are doing their best to appeal to a younger audience base, they are still not doing enough to achieve that.

One of the reasons for the declining numbers is a much higher competition from other social media networks. Many of them have already established themselves as very respectful competitors in the market. Most of them have made innovative offers and pulled great decisions to attract their audience. They have also done a great job in retaining their base and expanding it at the same time.

Research also shows that most younger users are turning towards other networks, such as Snapchat or Instagram. Snapchat is the social network which has seen increasing numbers since its inception in 2011. They have to thank their newly added and innovative features that are mostly appealing to their young audience base. Something that Facebook has failed to do recently.

Besides this, there are other innovative social media sites that provide an interesting offer. One of the newer ones is Mamby.io which rewards users by paying them in Bitcoin for the contribution to the site and adding content to it.

So generally speaking, it is quite normal for Facebook to start declining in numbers. Other social media sites have long been gaining behind it and have finally started to catch up. Time will only tell when all of this will happen but the numbers show that it will. Maybe sooner than many of you think.

The only bright side for Facebook now is that they are still seeing good numbers with newer users. People are still signing up for Facebook and creating their accounts. It might be something that Facebook starts looking into soon.