New SMS technology game changer for psychic delivery services

| December 5, 2019

An Australian-first SMS service is allowing consumers to access instant psychic readings on the go rather than having to invest the time for a phone call.

The new technology was developed in Australia specifically for the largest psychic network in the southern hemisphere and has the potential to be used in other service-based industries.

Owner of Absolute Soul Secrets, Rose Smith, found a local developer to create the technology, which has taken two years to come to market.

“This new technology is certainly an industry disruptor,” said Ms Smith.

“We had to think a lot about call flow and integrating this with our pre-existing voice services and website.”

“Clients can see the availability of all the psychics on our website for both voice calls and SMS in real time via a live feed and this has never been done before in Australia and possibly the world.

“For the first time in relation to SMS services, people can choose their favourite specific psychic rather than some ‘random psychic’ from a general pool of operators.

“Answers via SMS can be received within a matter of minutes or even seconds.”

“It is a real game changer for people who are looking for quick guidance – such as before going into an important meeting or making a big decision about their life.

“It also reflects the changing nature of the market and as recent research has shown, people don’t necessarily want to speak to someone, they prefer to communicate by messaging.

“This form of message communication removes the “barrier of voice” making the text-based contact less intimidating than making a phone call.

“It also takes away time pressures, giving people longer to think between messages.

“Sometimes, it’s just hard to talk, or to find the right words in difficult conversations.

“Having the time to think before responding, lets the person gather their thoughts and decipher what is most important in that moment.”

 Rose Smith says there are several reasons why this new service will suit consumers:

Convenience: People can choose their favourite psychic by simply texting an ID code

Cost: It is cheaper than having a reading over the phone

Time: You can get answers to your questions quickly from wherever you are

Comfort: Messaging is less intimidating than making a phone call

Availability: The service is available 24 hours-a-day seven days-a-week

 Rose Smith has been running Absolute Soul Secrets for the past 19 years and believes this service will be another important milestone as the business looks to build on its success long term.

“I have long been an admirer of companies like Netflix and Uber when it comes to the disruption of the marketplace in their particular industries in our convenience led modern world, so this was a no-brainer for us.

“The industry has become so mainstream over the years to the point where I’ve managed to build a reputable business, engaging more than 75 psychics dealing with thousands of readings each week.”

Ms Smith said Absolute Soul Secrets have built up our credibility over a number of years as people from all walks of life turn to them for guidance, spiritual enlightenment and companionship.

“What a lot of people may not understand about a business such as ours, is that it is heavily reliant on technology and we’re not just providing psychic readings for our clients.

“We need to make sure we’re on the cutting edge of technology and innovation when it comes to providing a service that is convenient but also seamless when it comes to payment.

 “It’s about us ensuring we are providing an insightful, convenient and enjoyable customer experience from the moment our clients pick up the phone until they put it down.”