Help understand the impact of COVID and shape the future of the advertising industry

| February 16, 2022

Bond University, Swinburne University of Technology and Suits & Sneakers are undertaking a research project on how the COVID-crisis has impacted – and probably is still affecting – creative work in the advertising and communication industry.

The project is particularly interested in two key issues:

1. How agencies have adapted creative workflows and practices and what new forms of creative leadership have been sparked by these innovations.

2. How the COVID-crisis has affected agency workplace cultures in terms of inclusion, well-being and psychological safety.

As part of this confidential study, the research team would like to invite your network to take part in a short online survey located at the link below. We would like to hear from a broad diversity of roles, functions, and experience levels, coming from big agencies, small studios, and/or in-house teams with a brand or consultancy. This means the survey is open for suits, creatives, planners, UX-designers etc. with a minimum of 12 months industry-experience in an ongoing position or as freelancers.

If participants are interested to dive deeper into this topic, they can volunteer for a one-to-one interview of about 45 minutes by registering their interest below.

All participants will get access to a copy of the final report, including practical insights and recommendations. Here is the link to the survey for distribution and further information.

Please let me know if you require further information on the study or would like to be supplied the final report findings. 

The research team would greatly appreciate you sharing this survey to capture the widest representation of the industry as possible for the most robust learnings.