• Business

    Physically demanding jobs linked to poor health in delayed retirement

    First 5000 |  June 17, 2019

    Men and women who have physically demanding jobs may experience poorer mental and physical health if they delay their retirement, new research led by Curtin University has found.

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  • Consultation

    Have your say: ACSC Small business survey

    First 5000 |  June 17, 2019

    The ACSC Small Business Survey is being shared with a range of government and small business support groups around Australia, inviting members and stakeholders to participate.

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  • Trade

    World trade faces biggest challenges since 1930’s

    First 5000 |  June 17, 2019

    The world trading system is under greater strain than at any time since the 1930s and can no longer be taken for granted, the Productivity Commission finds in its latest Trade and Assistance Review.

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Latest News

  • Retailers support move to alleviate parental leave administration

    Helen Hull     |      November 28, 2011

    The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has voiced its favour of the Coalition’s move to alleviate retailers from the unnecessary burden of having to act as administrators of the paid parental leave scheme.

    ARA Executive Director Russell Zimmerman said retailers were in full support of Government-funded paid parental leave but said the red tape associated with acting as paymasters of the scheme and the added business costs to retailers were pointless.

  • Have Your Say: Measures to Extend Australian Industry Participation

    Helen Hull     |      November 23, 2011

    You’re invited to comment on measures to extend Australian industry participation outlined in a consultation paper released by the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research earlier this month.

    Proposed changes include improving access to large government grants over $20 million for Australian businesses, tightening the administration of the Enhanced Project By-law Scheme (EPBS), and publication of Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plans and outcomes.

  • Are you doing your bit for sustainability?

    Jennifer Levasseur     |      November 21, 2011

    Are you looking for a step by step guide to make your workplace more sustainable? 

    Staples Soul, the third sustainability report released by First 5000 partner Corporate Express, has all you need to help your business.

  • In B2B, how do we monetise social media?

    Michael Friedberg     |      November 21, 2011

    There is much to say and read about social media. When you start looking and start talking much of it is relevant in business to consumer marketing.

    Here the linkages to ROI are much more straightforward. And there are some great examples, Air New Zealand has done wonders with Grab-a-Seat.

  • Have your say: R&D Tax Incentive

    Helen Hull     |      November 16, 2011

    The R&D Tax Incentive provides substantial tax benefits to encourage more companies to engage in research and development.

    First 5000 members are invited to comment on important issues about the program’s implementation relating to the guidance, compliance and education activities that Government can provide to help you to participate in the program.

  • SKINS CEO Jaimie Fuller on mentoring

    Jaimie Fuller     |      November 16, 2011

    The value of mentors has been recognised by Nokia through its In Hindsight competition which sees the winner receive coaching and advice from First 5000 member Jaimie Fuller, CEO of global sportswear clothing company SKINS.

    Swiss based Fuller, who grew SKINS from a start-up to a global company, shares his ideas on mentoring and issues facing SMEs. 

  • ACCC issues carbon price claims guide for businesses

    Helen Hull     |      November 15, 2011

    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) chairman Rod Sims has launched a guide for businesses on carbon price claims.

    Speaking to an audience of business and community leaders in WA today (15 November), Sims addressed the ACCC’s role in policing claims attributing price rises to the carbon pricing mechanism.

  • Small, medium business key: Obama

    Helen Hull     |      November 14, 2011

    The importance of small and medium sized business was emphasised by United State President Barack Obama at the first session of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

    Obama told the APEC Leaders Meeting in Hawaii small and medium businesses were high on the agenda for the talks.

  • Are your people up to speed on the Australian Consumer Law?

    Anthony Roberts     |      November 9, 2011



    The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) commenced on the first of January this year and applies to all Australian businesses.  From the board, to sales staff to management and back office operations, it is important your people know what the ACL means for your business.

    The ACL reduces business compliance burdens by replacing provisions set out in twenty Commonwealth, state and territory laws with a single national consumer law.

  • Business Council slams Carbon Tax legislation

    Helen Hull     |      November 9, 2011

    The Business Council of Australia (BCA) has been critical of the Clean Energy Future Package legislation passed by parliament yesterday (8 November).

    BCA Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott said the legislation has the potential to significantly increase risks to Australia’s economic growth and competitiveness.

  • Is your business Google+ ready?

    Helen Hull     |      November 8, 2011

    In an attempt to drive “meaningful connections” with brands Google has launched Google+ pages for businesses.

    Simon Rowell, founder and managing director branding agency Brand Intellect, warned First 5000 members shouldn’t just jump straight onto the medium without preparation.

  • Have your say: Carbon Emissions (ANREU) Act

    Helen Hull     |      November 7, 2011

    First 5000 members are invited to have their say on the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU) Act 2011.

    Submissions close 14 November 2011.

  • Fujitsu offers free Cloud trial

    Helen Hull     |      November 7, 2011

    IT services provider, Fujitsu, is offering a free trial of its Cloud computing services to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) until 31 January 2012.

    First 5000 members can access Fujitsu’s Cloud Platform, which includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosted in Fujitsu’s Australian data centres, as part of the trial.

  • Get Schmart Marketing Conference back in 2012

    Helen Hull     |      November 2, 2011

    Discover how to build powerful customer relationships by bridging the gap between social and traditional media at PMP’s 2012 Schmart Marketing Conference. 

    Popular keynote speaker from the 2011 Schmart Marketing Conference, Jeffrey Hayzlett, former Eastman Kodak chief marketing officer and vice president, returns to Australia to lead the discussion which will take place in Melbourne and Sydney, on 21 and 23 February respectively.

  • Rate cut to boost business confidence

    Helen Hull     |      November 1, 2011

    The decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to cut interest rates by 25 basis points to 4.5 per cent on Melbourne Cup Day (1 November) will offer relief to businesses struggling in those sectors of the economy that aren’t benefitting from the mining boom.

    Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) economics director, Greg Evans said the rate cut would be welcomed across the board, but it would be even more warmly received by the small and medium enterprises.