WHY you are in business?

| March 27, 2012


Are you crystal clear with your team about why you do what you do in business (or your personal life for that matter)? If you are a middle manager or executive, is the CEO crystal clear with you? Are you passionate about your business and what you are trying to do?

Shivani Gupta from the Passionate People Institute shares how being passionate about your business, and articulating it in the right way, can put you on the road to success. 

I watched this video a while ago that had a big impact on my attitude to my business. Watch the video yourself or with your team and dissect what this means for your business. It is one of the best 18 minutes I have spent on my business.

Simon Sinek is a US based leadership expert and the author of the 2009 book “Start With Why”. In the video he makes a convincing argument that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. His cites the examples of Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers as inspiring leaders who are successful because they communicate from the inside out. Focusing on “why”, rather than “what”, is different to the way most of businesses and leaders communicate. By focusing on the “why” you are focusing on the part of the brain that influences behaviour.

This makes great sense when you stop to think about it. In business, many spend a lot of time on the “what” and “how”. We talk to staff and customers about products, systems and processes. What we don’t do that often is talk about “why” we do what we do. Why should people buy your products and services? Why should staff want to work for your business?

Mr Sinek says tell your customers, staff and yourself, why you get out of bed every morning. “To make money” is not a purpose, it is a result. Like me he advises businesses to hire people who believe what you believe so they work for you with blood sweat and tears rather than just for money. I advise the same thing. Hire people who are passionate about your business.  Passion is more than attitude.  It’s when someone is deeply connected to helping you achieve what you do.  You can teach them the technical stuff.

In fact the “why” of your business can often be your passion. Unlock your passion to help you to start communicating the “why”. Get clear on how you are going to link a persons passion that works for you to the organistions.

Shivani Gupta is CPO – Chielf Passion Officer or Passionate People Institute which works with organisations leaders on creating a conversation about passion Visit www.passionatepeopleinstitute.com.