Useful internet tools to make your working day easier

| March 12, 2019

We are living in a time when speed is the most important parameter. Being fast, completing a job quickly (as if our life depends on it) – has become the modern lifestyle. Fortunately (or not), the Internet is present in our everyday life. Depending on how often we take our time and pay attention, it can help us in some situations.

Maybe you’re selling your apartment or your car and you need an ad?  

Or you want to use VoIP services because they are more affordable? Maybe you need a translation of a document or you’re just looking for a remote job?

These and many other services are available on the Internet. And they can greatly ease your everyday life.

Google Translate

This is a multilingual service that instantly translates texts up to 5000 words of length. Google translate can translate words, phrases and even entire website pages in over 100 different languages.

Резултат слика за Google TranThe Beginners Guide To Helpful Online Servicesslate

Google Translate has a minimalistic user interface which makes it very simple to use. It is enough just to copy and then paste your text in the left window. The translation will be shown immediately in the right window.

Google Translate has also a speech recognition and pronouncing functions that make your translating work even easier. If you’re working on languages that are better to be written out manually, you can do that too. But, pay attention. This service is not always 100% precise. That means you should have at least some pre-knowledge from the language you are translating to.

VoIP Service Software

In recent years, VoIP is the cheap&hip way of talking over the phone. Once Skype and similar programs led to a worldwide explosion of VoIP hardware and applications. VoIP services have the advantage of bypassing the traditional landline calls and provides you digitized voice-calls over the Internet at a very reasonable price or in some cases free of charge. It also provides you numerous features such as instant messaging, call forwarding etc. Whether you use them for business or just for your everyday needs, VoIP services have proven to be an integral part of our everyday communication.

The Beginners Guide To Helpful Online Services

VoIP software had a major explosion in developing in the past years. After Skype and Facebook messenger, many other quite good applications have appeared. You can choose them depending on your needs.

Jitsi is a program for VoIP and instant messaging that runs on Windows, Mac, and most of the Linux platforms. Jitsi is well-known for its score of six out of seven on the Electronic Frontier messaging scorecard. It is recommended for the users who are feeling free to mess around with configuration files and encryption keys in order to get a customized experience.

The Beginners Guide To Helpful Online Services


When time is ticking away, you might want to have an assistant to help you stay within your schedule. You can find it online, of course. Toggl is a web-based time-tracker that provides tracking the time you spend on multiple projects and on various platforms. Whether you work on a mobile or desktop device, you shouldn’t take the risk of losing track of the time.

The Beginners Guide To Helpful Online Services

Above all, Toggl has Android and iOS applications. It can also report in summary and detail so that you have a clearer picture of how you spend your time online.


The lack of energy and time makes us less available for surfing the internet in searching and reading relevant news.  Feedly understands we have less time to enjoy the search by ourselves, and so their news aggregator allows us to create a list of topics we are interested in.  This software then brings us only the relevant news. Feedly does it through Android and iOS apps.

It also has a lovely design which allows third-party apps and extensions to synchronize with the background. That way we can have multiple functions using just one application.

These are just a few services on the list. But it is definitely not all of them and can be treated as a suggestion for starters. These are just some of the simplest things we sometimes take for granted. So, make your first step towards simple things, and afterward, you’ll keep pace with all the others.