• 4 Exciting Trends in the Australian Construction Industry

    4 exciting trends in the Australian construction industry

    Carolin Petterson     |     June 25, 2019

    2018 was the year in which we got to see a number of new trends emerge in the Australian construction industry. But as you probably already know, the construction industry 

  • Dealing with Bad Financial Decisions

    Dealing with bad financial decisions

    Carolin Petterson     |     May 30, 2019

    We all make bad financial decisions from time to time and it's all about bouncing back and retaining control over our money. If you feel like you've had a few 

  • Tips for Managing a Remote Team

    Tips for managing a remote team

    Carolin Petterson     |     May 28, 2019

    There are so many benefits to managing a remote team, ranging from access to global talent, all the way to reduced costs of running a team. Think about it, you 

  • 4 Habits to Make Your Business a Success

    4 habits to make your business a success

    Carolin Petterson     |     May 16, 2019

    Running a small business is no easy task and the fact that as much as half of all small businesses fail within the first year is the best proof of 

  • 5 Trends that Will Mark the Australian Manufacturing Industry in 2019

    5 trends that will mark the Australian manufacturing industry in 2019

    Carolin Petterson     |     April 26, 2019

    Manufacturing businesses have, at least in some capacity, been with us ever since humans discovered their first tools. Naturally, as the technology developed the manufacturing industry went through huge disruptions. 

  • How to Manage and Overcome Bad Financial Decisions

    How to manage and overcome bad financial decisions

    Carolin Petterson     |     April 26, 2019

    As flawed creatures, every now and then, we are bound to make bad decisions. They can be big and impact our whole life or they can be small and only 

  • 5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

    5 proven ways to increase your conversion rate

    Carolin Petterson     |     March 22, 2019

    Getting traffic to your website sure is great, but if that traffic doesn’t convert, it’s the same as if nobody even visited your website. With that said, it’s not a 

  • Useful internet tools to make your working day easier

    Carolin Petterson     |     March 12, 2019

    We are living in a time when speed is the most important parameter. Being fast, completing a job quickly (as if our life depends on it) - has 

  • How to make a financial plan that will help you take care of your aging parents

    How to make a financial plan that will help you take care of your aging parents

    Carolin Petterson     |     March 1, 2019

    No parents in the world want to be a burden to their children once they grow old. And yet the later years are filled with challenges, many of which cannot 

  • 5 Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Staff Will Love

    5 employee appreciation ideas your staff will love

    Carolin Petterson     |     February 7, 2019

    When running a business, you have to put a lot of effort into making your staff happy. After all, they’re your most valuable asset. While a good paycheck and healthy 

  • Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Business

    Tips to ensure the success of your business

    Carolin Petterson     |     January 30, 2019

    When people think about a successful business, what they most likely have in mind is a miracle. What we mean by this is the idea that you start a business 

  • Trends that Boost the Productivity of Telecommuters

    Trends that boost the productivity of telecommuters

    Carolin Petterson     |     January 21, 2019

    The productivity of telecommuters is critical to the success of many businesses, but how do you ensure that you are getting the most out of them? There’s an estimate that by 

  • Facebook Predicted to Lose Young Users

    Facebook predicted to lose young users

    Carolin Petterson     |     January 16, 2019

    Facebook is rapidly losing its young audience base. According to the latest research conducted by eMarketer, Facebook is facing a rapid decline in users under the age of 25. 

  • Employee Turned Entrepreneur

    A Guide for an Employee turned Entrepreneur

    Carolin Petterson     |     January 5, 2019

    The first thing you need to understand before launching your own business, is the fact that just because you have previous experience in the industry, it doesn’t mean that you’re 

  • 5 Tips for Making a Great Virtual Workplace

    5 tips for making a great virtual workplace

    Carolin Petterson     |     December 19, 2018

    Nowadays, more and more online businesses operate on a principle of a virtual workplace. Even some traditional businesses are starting to employ more and more remote workers. Let’s face it, 

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