The mark of Aussie authenticity – a reminder to support local businesses on Australia Day

| January 26, 2019

Whether you’re having a barbie or grabbing your thongs and heading to the beach, the Australian Made Campaign is reminding consumers to celebrate authentically Aussie products this Australia Day.

“We are so lucky to have access to authentic Australian products made right here in our backyard,” Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, said.

“Australia Day provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the great things we grow and make.

When you buy Aussie made and grown products, you know what you are getting—products grown in our clean, green environment and made to the highest of manufacturing standards. At the same time, you are supporting Australian industry. It’s been a tough year for Aussie farmers and manufacturers, particularly those in regional areas affected by fire, drought and floods, so let’s get behind them this Australia Day and beyond.”

Whether buying Aussie thongs, bathers, sunscreen or BBQs, you are supporting Aussie jobs and investing in Australia’s future.

1901 Australia Day

Roy Morgan Research found that 89% of Australians have a preference for buying Aussie products.

“Australians are passionate people, and the importance we place on ‘buying local’ supports that. To ensure you’re buying ‘True Blue’ look for the famous green and gold kangaroo logo—the true mark of Aussie authenticity,” Mr Lazzaro said.

Australia Day is a great day to celebrate all things Aussie. Here is a selection of genuinely locally-made Australia Day essentials: