How values driven leadership brands soar in market

| June 30, 2021

Make no mistake the heat is on in 2021 for small to medium sized businesses to survive, grow and thrive. The challenges in navigating new workplace models, talent acquisition, global markets and sales isn’t going to abate. And at the nucleus to differentiate sits values driven leadership brands and business ethics.

Statistics on values and workplaces

Circa 80 per cent of consumers and employees trust organisations whose leadership have an active and engaging social media presence.

The Hootsuite Social Trends 2021 report saw a dramatic increase in social engagement during 2020 and that ‘people want to connect with people’. And 73 per cent of marketers ranked customer acquisition as a top priority for 2021

Further,Brand Fog reported 93 per cent of people are likely to purchase from organisations whose leader’s beliefs social issues aligned with theirs.  75 per cent of employees considered it essential their CEO communicates beliefs publicly.

Business advisory firm Brunswick  Connected Leadership research found 60 per cent of candidates would research the CEOs social media. Of significance, over 83 per cent (5:1) of employees prefer to work with organisations whose C-Suite leaders use social media factoring it as an important element for satisfaction and retention.

Building talent value

Trust and engagement is amplified with transparent personal brand management.  Value touchpoints are vast across organisational and EVP brand awareness, talent acquisition, referrals, social proof, sales, marketing, networking, investor relations, product launches and feedback.

C Suite and HR leaders need to fully embrace social media to maximise their talent attraction strategies.   Top talent in the new WFH and hybrid marketplace have more leverage now and are reviewing new employers and analysing their  leaders rigorously

Leaders and HR managers must take a transparent approach to get on the front  foot to address market bias and any industry misconceptions.  Diversity, inclusion, ageism and all other social issues are front of mind for talent and customers as they navigate choices.  HR leaders in businesses who hold purpose and strong policies across these issues have a real opportunity to stand out.

And for industries which are ranked low in trust via the 2021  Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey values driven brands provide great opportunities to increase trust and influence..

LinkedIn an essential conduit

LinkedIn as the world’s most trusted social media platform is an essential channel to harness with over 756 million global and 11+ Australian members

Whether using LinkedIn for sales, marketing, recruiting, networking or service authority positioning, it is the go to platform media for research and information. This cannot be understated as Google indexes all profiles in the top rankings.

Elements of personal and values branding

There are five key elements that coalesce how people are perceived and experienced.
Rhetoric must meet reality and congruency is vital.  As a leader or HR custodian influence can be elevated by communicating the following:

  1. The why and ‘why below the why’. The drivers below the surface
  2. Goals, values, passions. Small and bigger goals for your organisation. This can and should incorporate the social issues that matter as appropriate. Of course social responsibility endeavours, community, sporting and board activities sit here.
  3. Personality and character. The nuances which are uniquely yours. Your vibe does attract your tribe. It’s pointless crafting a narrative of dissimilar traits to reality.
  4. Equity, skills, ethics, values, education, industry genius. Demonstrate don’t state with engaging storytelling narratives. Many leaders and particularly women often struggle here.  Reality statements are not value judgements’ so have courage to share with confidence.
  5. Visual – a current and realistic photo is essential on websites and social media.

Whilst the above just touches on the elements, it must be said that creativity is not deceit but crafting messages without clichés and banality.  Values driven personal branding is differentiating yourself in a way that is truthful but yet inimitable.

Summing Up

In a sea of digital media and marketing clutter it is essential to lead from a front foot of personal brand values.  Inspiring, influencing and converting sales, markets and talented staff are the golden gates to sustainability and success.

Communicating values and personal brand management requires consistency across social media, LinkedIn websites. For those who are brave and congruent, the returns are superlative.