Opportunities in B2B group buying space

| October 29, 2012


While the buzz continues around group buying and the savings that can be made there isn’t much activity from a business to business (B2B) standpoint.

Business to business group buying websites like B2B Hive enable you to use collective buying to receive discounts and offers.

Consumer sites like Groupon, Scoopon and Living Social are generating $6 million to $8 million per month in sales, but why isn’t group buying flourishing in the B2B space?

“There are a few group buying websites that are out there but it has been hard for them to gain traction,” Telsyte Senior Research Manager Sam Yip told First 5000.

“It isn’t all gloom and doom, it is about applying the model properly,” Yip said.

Yip said he thinks there are many opportunities to use current e-commerce sites that have the group buying bolted onto it.

“I believe it is more about how you optimise your existing sites with the current mega trends of online shopping rather than a pure play on B2B sites,” he said.

If you are an online retailer it may be worth looking at your current website to see how you can optimise it for group buying or, as a business consumer, take the time to explore the offerings of B2B group buying sites like B2B Hive.