5 ways to convert your business into a brand

| January 17, 2020

There is no secret weapon to become a brand; it’s all about how serious you are with your business or product. As Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.”

Branding is the key that flourishes your business and make it grow. Let’s see how can we convert our business into a brand.

What is Branding:

Before deciding on any brand-building strategy, let’s understand what brand building is. A brand is an identity of your business that describes your value in the market. The word BRANDING sync with your company objectives and goals and portray how much your companies offering is widespread and trusted. It’s a clear sign of happy customers, consumer trust, and business growth. Branding impregnates the minds of the consumers with a common ideology and the thoughts behind making that product or service. Branding speaks on its own. It creates a visible picture of how, when, where, and who should perceive it. One of the most powerful aspects of any business, be it large, small, retail, or B2B. If you have the world’s best product, you must recognize yourself as a brand. Not getting any advancement in the monopoly or oligopoly market is a clear indication that you are not focusing on business promotion and brand awareness.

Convert your business into a brand:

Thinking of promoting your brand on social media platforms is not the only way to brand awareness. So, it’s just one of the many things that exists. Here are four channels that help concentrate on building brand awareness.

  1. Website

Your website is the online store for your customers; it should highlight your brand and the story behind it. Creating a fast and responsive website makes good impressions on visitors. Make sure your website contains all the necessary aspects related to your business and product. Your company website plays an essential role in branding.

Element that need to follow for your website

  • Website Content
  • Keyword Research
  • Ideal Design for your website
  • Easy navigation menu
  • Brand Logo
  • About Us page
  1. Product/Service

Global players like Ferrari, Gmail, Walmart, and FedEx keep restructuring the product they are offering, and, have the most substantial footfall only due to impressive branding. There is no doubt every industry has competition, and everyone has some unique features to provide solutions. The essential thing is the quality of your product/service, which is also the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Is your product better than your competitors? Do a competitive analysis for a constant comparison and data. To remain on top, always, research and development is the key. Here are a few tips to remember.

  1. Use brand packaging
  2. Provide 24/7 support on multiple platforms like email, phone, and chatbot.
  3. Upgrade your product
  4. Offer Freemium
  5. Offers Trail or Free account
  1. Customer Experience

Customer Experience Is the New Brand, impeccable, and excellent customer service is the most significant rule of branding. Large software companies like Apple, HubSpot, and Buffer are known for their services and dedication towards their customers. No doubt, customers trust their brands over others and find the most authentic. More trust generates maximum revenue. Taking feedback from customers and knowing what they had experience with your company or service is the need of the hour. Are they satisfied with your service and support system? Create a customer feedback survey with the help of CX survey tools such as SoGoSurvey and gather the data. Then analyze it and present it in the best form of report. These reports will give you the exact information and feedback about customer behaviour. Data is defined as information or knowledge that converts into more useful. Let’s look at a few pointers that can transform your business into a brand.

  1. Transparency builds trust
  2. Helping and just not selling drives value
  3. Customer-friendly product or service
  4. Customer feedback & testimonial
  1. Social Awareness:

Brand awareness expresses how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how they perceive it. Continuous brand awareness results in many parallel efforts. Participate in events and represent your company/products on trade shows and displays. Here are some ways to build a solid brand awareness base and make a permanent impact with your audience:

  1. Be a Person, Not a Company
  2. Go social and cross boundaries
  3. LinkedIn publishing
  4. Offer freemium
  5. Sponsor events
  1. Brand Partnership

Become a partner with other brands is the mutual agreement between two or more businesses. Brand partnership is to help companies to increase their productivity. This activity raises your brand visibility and recognition as a trusted brand in the market. Let’s look out the benefits of brand partnership.

  1. It will be broad your audience outreach.
  2. Boost in sales
  3. It improves online visibility
  4. Enhances marketing exposure
  5. Help in getting new customers in the market

If we talk about brand partnerships, it should make sense. Partner with other brands is helping to increase product value and customer trust. The important thing is to know which product is suited for collaboration. One of the best examples of brand collaboration is Spotify and Starbucks. They become an example of a brand partnership.


The process of becoming a brand is not easy; it requires hard work and constant improvement. As we discussed above, if you deliver quality products, retain customers, and improve customer experience, customers are bound to stay helping in the company’s growth. Represent yourself as a brand to set a benchmark that will help to create a significant impact on your product or company growth. The above five tactics are the best brand promotion strategy. I hope my thoughts will help you to improve your brand recognition and increase your business growth.