Fail More: how you deal with setbacks key to success

| May 6, 2019
Learning from our mistakes is the only way to make sure we don’t make the same ones twice. But what if you could use every failure – large and small – to actually create a successful business, career and life?

McGraw-Hill has recently released Fail More: Embrace, Learn And Adapt To Failure As A Way To Success by Bill Wooditch. It’s already been a No.4 Wall Street Journal bestseller and a Publishers Weekly Bestseller and is now available from booksellers in Australia.

Bill Wooditch is the founder and CEO of The Wooditch Group, a risk-management and corporate insurance firm with annual sales of $100 million. He works with Fortune 500 companies like AIG, Zurich, and Bank of America to improve their sales and leadership.

Fail More isn’t a license to intentionally flunk life one mistake at a time”, Bill says. “Rather, the focus of the book is on improvement – continual improvement through intentional practice, the willingness to embrace the process, and the ability to learn from the result. Success and failure both leave room for improvement.”

Both inspirational and practical Fail More is a one-of-a-kind guide teaches you how to take active, strategic measures to turn the sting of failure into the reward of growth. It reveals the setbacks that are both inevitable and valuable, and it delivers practical ways of quickly moving past self-judgment and recrimination to:
• Create large and small goals
• Establish milestones for achieving them
• Analyse data to determine what worked and what didn’t
• Making the necessary corrections to your method
• Determine what you need and adjust accordingly
• Evaluate your actions
• Assess your progress while refining your game plan
• Use failing as a core tool for motivation

Fail More
was written to give readers information they needed to understand failure from an unemotional perspective and grow from it. As Bill says “This book will help you better understand the nature of your fears and the reasons why you fear failure. It will also provide you with ways to navigate rejection, fear and failure but ultimately it will be up to you do do the tough work and apply what you’ve learned”.

By embracing failure, not just “getting past it”, you will fly past your competition, whether you’re building a startup, advancing in your career, or improving your personal life.

The most underrated tool for success is failure. Fail More is the practical program you need to turn failure today into profits and growth tomorrow.

Fail More
is available from booksellers or online with the special discount code for First 5000 members: FAILMORE20.