Forget being an ordinary leader if you need to stand out: Build your own skills

| January 7, 2019

Have you ever thought of what makes up a great leader? Well I know you might have some people in mind when it comes to leadership and you might also have heard of great speeches. But do you understand what it took for the person to be in a position to lead others? Many people recognize JFK as an exemplary leader for his moon speech which was motivation to many.

In his speech, he stated that “We do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Another well-known leader is Tony Blair and his strong speech some moments after the death of Princess Diana. Most people remember Tony Blair because he referred to princes Diana as the ‘The people’s Princess.’ This did not only provide comfort but also helped the people in coming up with their grief.

Leadership is extensive but not so complicated. One significant thing you have to understand is that it does not have to come from a president or a prime minister. It can come from anyone, whether it’s your friend, supervisor, lecturer, parents or even colleagues but it takes even more passion, skills and motivation to be a great leader. The setting circumstances of leadership are different and you there are divergent things that one can do to become a leader.

The manner in which leaders influence other is what varies. For instance, you can think of a leader who has a vision for the future and one that attains healing and unity. The influence they would have on people will be different by at the end of the day; they are still leaders and role models of other people.

To be a good and reliable leader, you need to possess specific skills as leadership is something that you can develop. You will definitely need positivity, guidance, motivation and encouragement. As a good leader you have to learn to go beyond only boosting people morale and giving directions, you will have to cast your physical presence in whatever you do and even stand in the face of criticism especially if you are an innovator. In a church setting, for instance, you will have to lead by example if people are to volunteer. Let’s now discuss some of the skills that an outstanding leader is expected to possess.

Exemplary leadership skills

As a leader, you need to possess most of the qualifications outlined below. It may be difficult to maintain all of them as people always have their weaknesses, but a good an exemplary leader can be flexible enough to adapt to all of them.


One of the essential skills you will need is communication as you will constantly be interacting with people. You need to understand what people require and be able to explain things to them in a manner that they all understand and understand the visions that you have.


Complimentary to communication is being a good listener. Successful leadership is not only making people understand your ideas but also allowing them to express themselves as you listen. Listening requires patience and absorption of information from other people.


Learning is always continuous, and you do not expect it to end. You need to acquire more knowledge as a leader. Through knowledge, you are deemed to gain experience each time you take a chance to learn.


To stand out as a leader, you will also need to teach people and make them understand what visions you have and why you think your visions are the best. As you teach, you should also be free to learn from other people and give them opportunities to air their views.


Surrounding yourself with the people who help you achieve your vision is one of the most critical aspects of leadership. You will need to search for information, and by this, you need to interact more and listen to other people’s experiences of leadership.


Motivating other is one of the best qualities of a good leader. Leadership is not about being a boss but also interacting with your team and complimenting them. Motivating your team can increase the influence you have on them. If someone does something good and positive, congratulate them and make them feel good about it.

Lead and adapt

Although these skills seem apparent, you need to master them as well. You will have to stand out as a leader and put yourself in other people’s position. By being a leader, you have taken up a role that required you to lead by example. You will, therefore, need to adapt to the condition that you may find yourself in. Above all, you will need to confront the challenges.

Bottom line

There have been leaders who failed but have you ever wondered what made them fail? Leadership is a role that you must be ready to stretch when you take up. You will, therefore, need to have a positive attitude, decease from deceit and show the way. All these explain the difference between a leader who gives up and one who trudges on and becomes great.

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