The importance of holistic health and how it impacts business development

| July 17, 2019

The idea of improving your health usually comes in the form of either physical or emotional. Examples can include dieting, exercise, as well as managing mental and emotional stress.

However, there is also a different approach to be considered when it comes to our well being, and that is holistic health. The holistic approach focuses on six significant aspects of personal health, which can all work together, forming a balanced state of well being.

How we prioritise holistic health into our lives can not only affect our personal well being but can also have a direct impact on how we make everyday business decisions.

Below are the six categories that make up holistic health and how they impact business development:


Your emotional well being is also linked to your physical and mental wellness. Becoming fully aware of your emotions and having control over them can prevent you from making poor decisions that may negatively compromise the growth of others within your organization, including people such as partners, and your team. Accepting faults and mistakes can also help you make better character-based decisions, therefore helping you and your business move forward as a whole.


Your physical well being is crucial to how we perform. Physical health can be broken down into three elements; nutrition, physical activity, and mental well being. Keeping all three of these elements in check will help your body release endorphins, which trigger positive feelings in the body. These natural chemicals promote a positive and energized outlook on life, therefore helping you make healthier choices.


One of the most important aspects of holistic wellness that impacts development, both personal and business, is social health. Understanding the type of person you are, can help you build awareness around the areas you need to work on when it comes to forming healthy relationships. People skills such as learning to communicate effectively, and collaborating with others, are just a few of many key fundamentals when growing a successful business, or contributing to a growth focused organization.


There is a large misconception that ”spiritual wellness”  references religion. One’s spiritual well being encompasses everything from values, morals, and ethics. Spiritual health can be practiced differently depending on the person, and can significantly influence how we view life. This outlook can affect how we make everyday decisions, as well as our perspective on other people.


How happy or unhappy we are with the work that we are doing can have a direct impact on our willingness to make progress within our career. It is easy to lose motivation, and lack energy if we are not excited about our future. Staying happy and excited about where we are headed can help us push through challenges and adversaries, which ultimately results in positive growth down the road.


Our intellectual wellness refers to actively participating in multiple activities that help expand our knowledge and skills. Intellectual health helps to stretch our mental capacity and helps us develop as individuals, therefore making us a contributor to both business and society as a whole.

Although all of these aspects of holistic health have been broken down into their own categories, it is important to understand that they all work together to form a person’s unique level of character. They all contribute to the development of you as a person, which ultimately reflects the growth and development of an organization.