5 expert marketing tips for SMEs

| October 21, 2019
5 Expert Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Even though there are differences between big companies and SMEs, marketing is still one of those business areas which nobody can ignore. Small businesses that don’t work on their marketing continually usually disappear after a few years. In this article, we will show you five expert marketing tips that will help you reach the top in your business niche.

Use content marketing and boost sales

As a small business owner, you have already heard about content marketing. But maybe, you’re still not sure what it exactly means. How does it work? Well, through your website, blog, newsletter, etc. you provide useful and free information to your potential customers/clients. It has to attract customers, but also to provide value! Copywriting is also a very crucial part of marketing strategy, and there is a distinction – copywriting vs content writing. Although copywriting involves content writing as well, it has to be in an attractive, promotional form. Copywriting is only related to promotional advertising or marketing. Content writing, on the other hand, is there to entertain and engage the online audience with the brand.

Organize and host local events

This tactic is essential for small business owners. Most of you are doing business locally, and therefore, hosting such events in your city is super beneficial. A charity event, for instance, is one of the best events to organize for numerous reasons. First of all, if you can help the local community, you should always do it. Second, everybody will recognize your act as a humanitarian, and consequently, you will become a local hero over the night. And finally, find the best business cards online and share it with other business people who will come to the event. Also, don’t forget about different promotional products you can share – t-shirts for kids, bags, notebooks, pens, etc.

Video marketing

The modern social media age is the age of video advertising, even for SMEs. Don’t get me wrong – it is still essential to work on writing (as mentioned above), but in many cases, a good photo or video can do a lot more. Putting a video and a few infographics into your blog post can massively increase visits to your website. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of YouTube or Facebook live whenever you can. Nothing can create engagement like a good, exciting video.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective tactics for small businesses. It provides a lot and costs almost nothing. The very best way to start creating your email list is to as your customers and clients if you can have their email address. Don’t do anything without permission since they won’t like it. Afterwards, contact them occasionally via newsletter or some special announcements (discount, loyalty program, etc.). You will soon build your initial list. And if you keep providing useful information, the list will sooner or later start growing.

5 Expert Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Connect with the right people and build relationships

Many small business owners make a mistake with this step. There are great and not so great associates and other contacts. Since we don’t have time to waste on everybody, it is vital to focus only on those great contacts. You should put all your efforts into building relationships with those who can provide VALUE! Therefore, stay close to those contact that can be beneficial to your business, and don’t waste your precious time on others.

Nowadays, nothing can be done without marketing. Both online and offline marketing is essential for small businesses. Therefore, never stop working on your marketing and implement these tips in your strategy.