Upholding the rights of older workers – online training

| September 17, 2020

With support from the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DJC), the Australian Human Rights Commission has developed Upholding the rights of older workers—a free online training package on multigenerational workforces.

The training package aims to increase an understanding of the benefits of employing older people and a multigenerational workforce and highlights practical ways of working with older employees to foster engagement and retention. Participants will gain a deeper awareness of the nature of age discrimination in employment and will learn practical ways of working within a multigenerational team.

The work is the result of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s (the Commission) 2016 National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination against Older Australians and Australians with Disability which found that too many people are shut out of work because of underlying assumptions, stereotypes or myths associated with their age.

DCJ provided funding in 2019 to the Australian Human Rights Commission to design training on retaining and recruiting older staff, a trial version of which was provided in Sydney.

DCJ provided more funding this year for online training to help managers and HR staff understand why they should value their older workers and the unique role they can play in their teams, while avoiding age discrimination and other pitfalls that make it harder for older staff to contribute.

Want to know more? Submit your interest online here or email the Commission at training@humanrights.gov.au.


How does your business support mature workers?

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