3 steps to reclaim your reputation on LinkedIn

| April 15, 2021

Your reputation is shaped by how others think of you, and often, these perceptions fail to do your talent justice. This is especially true if you work with partners and peers in another city, state, or country.

Your LinkedIn profile can capture the nuances of your experience, the gravity of your successes, and the authenticity of your passion for what you do. It can remind business partners and stakeholders who you are, your background, and why you’re a valuable part of any team, and it can do this without appearing boastful.

Follow these three steps to reclaim your reputation on LinkedIn.

Step 1: Write for your target audience

Your LinkedIn profile is not about you; it’s about your target audience because it’s their perception of you that matters.

Your target audience might be existing or potential business partners or investors or other executives. Either way, keep these people front-of-mind when composing an eye-catching headline, compelling About, and relevant Experience section. Consider what problems your reader wants to be solved, and weave in how you solve them.

Step 2: Showcase your passion

Why did you pick your career? Why engineering and not accounting? This why is incredibly powerful, as it resonates with your audience and nurtures that all-important human-to-human connection.

While every facet of your profile should speak to your intended audience, it should also detail who you are, what you value, and what drives you to do what you do.

Be authentically yourself, albeit curated for your reader. It’s this LinkedIn profile strategy that helps you communicate your strengths without coming off as big-headed.

Step 3: Publish valuable content

Shaping your reputation is only the beginning – the final step is getting in front of your audience and nudging them to check out your profile. The best way to do this: publish content.

Only 1 per cent of LinkedIn’s users post content weekly. If you can craft high-impact, high-value content that demonstrates your expertise and generosity, you are leagues ahead.

Like your profile, your posts should capture how you solve your audience’s problems; how-to’s, top three tips, and your hot take on industry trends are excellent places to start.

Take ownership of your reputation

You can’t control what others think, but you can influence it. Showcase your talent, drive home your skillset, and shout out loud about your achievements, keeping your target audience’s wants and needs in mind. LinkedIn is your reputation manager, so use it to your advantage.