The leadership paradigm: post COVID-19, what then?

| May 6, 2020

Normal no longer applies. How we plot business continuity post COVID-19, how we chart through uncertainty will have a profound influence on our future for years to come.

Cast your minds back a short time to when we used to take our photos to chemists for processing. We had Kodachrome reeled into the rear of our cameras. Now, of course, everything is digital and uploaded to memory sticks and the cloud.

Many people’s lives were upended by this dramatic and external change, well beyond the scope of affected individuals’ capacity to do anything about it.

As leaders of business and community, how we view this current global challenge will have a profound effect on our businesses and the lives of many.

Leaders cannot just let the forces buffet them from pillar to post. It is essential they make changes that will cause them to forge ahead. Change often brings such opportunity.

One solution lies in PERSPECTIVE. It’s a marvelous tool of invention … and it’s free.

Our perspective is the creator of our perception. In other words, how we look at something creates how we see it and therefore determines our experience of it.

If a child looks into a dark room at night with fear, that is how they will see it and that will be the child’s experience of the room.If we view our current circumstances as hard, difficult or unendurable then that will be how we see it, and again, that will be our experience.”

We are, indeed, the creators of our own ‘perspective’, but what is even more problematical, is that we allow others (aka, newspapers, politicians, negative people) to unduly influence or corrupt our own perspective on things.

But there is a solution … CHALLENGE your perspective BEFORE you start DOING! Widen your perspective. Make it bigger, deeper, more profound.

For example:

How am I looking at this situation?

Yes, this is tough, but I’ve been there before. I’m capable …

Let’s see this problem from another direction …

Who can I talk to who will challenge the way I’m looking at things?

How do I deal with the facts NOT the fear?

Or, more specifically:

What is our target audience? Can it be expanded?

What is our target audience’s ‘specific un-met need’? Are we meeting that ‘un-met’ need?

We’ve got an established client base. How can we get them to come back?

How can we help support our clients through this time of challenge?

… and many more.

Time is short, the water is rising. As a leader, it’s time to challenge your current perspective.

How is your business going to do things differently post COVID-19?

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