• The leadership paradigm: post COVID-19, what then?

    Stephen Chong     |     May 6, 2020

    Normal no longer applies. How we plot business continuity post COVID-19, how we chart through uncertainty will have a profound influence on our future for years to come. Cast your minds 

  • Leadership – Conundrums & Consequences

    Stephen Chong     |     March 9, 2019

    Has not enough been written about ‘Leadership’ already?  You might have thought that most people, properly inclined, would have already studied, assimilated and implemented the many words of wisdom


  • Attracting and retaining people – why did I bother

    Stephen Chong     |     December 15, 2018

     It’s not unusual for exasperated managers after having spent untold hours during the interview and recruitment process to throw up their hands and ask ‘why did I bother’.

    Added to 

  • Inspired Leadership – ‘Are You Ready?’

    Stephen Chong     |     November 21, 2018

    Being a manager today invariably attracts a seemingly constant barrage of self-help newsletters, articles and videos on the attributes needed to be an inspirational leader. Many of the inspired leadership attributes 

  • Attracting and retaining people – Myths, magic or mayhem?

    Stephen Chong     |     October 15, 2018

    It’s no secret, but it remains a mystery to many, why attracting and retaining the best people for your workplace can be such a time consuming, unrewarding chore. I’m sure as 

  • Make every day ‘talk like a pirate day’

    Stephen Chong     |     September 18, 2018

    It’s an unfortunate reality today that the childhood pleasure of dressing up as a heroic character such as a pirate are distant memories. Certainly before the harsh realities of the 

  • Business leadership demands self-mastery

    Stephen Chong     |     June 12, 2018

    Although this is going sound very cliché, the reality and principle reasons why some, in the tumultuous world of business, achieve great heights, whereas others do not – lies within. Non-achievement 

  • The importance of aligning board, business and CEO

    Stephen Chong     |     May 14, 2018

    A lack of appreciation for the importance of corporate wisdom by far too many boards is jeopardizing the profitmaking potential of companies in this new commercial era. These boards focus on