Small business votes more valuable than bunkum dollars

| May 20, 2019

COSBOA today congratulated Scott Morrison on achieving an outcome for the election that very few predicted. This will give certainty to the small business community.

We saw a surprise result that we believe reflects several important things. Firstly, the small business community is a big voter block. We saw in a Sensis survey two weeks before the election that 42% of the self-employed had said they would vote for the Coalition but that a large number (35%) were undecided – we can assume how they voted.

There is also the negative influence of GetUp and the ACTU, whose arrogance was actually damaging for Labor. The far right of the Coalition was a drag on their votes as well; they could have won more seats if they had coherent energy and environment policies.

COSBOA and its members are very pleased that small business people can focus on their business plans knowing that unions will not be interfering in their operations. Small business people will have tax breaks, and we expect improvements to the Vocational Education and Training sector as well.

The big issue that the Government must address immediately is the cost of energy, which cannot be divorced from environmental management. Another important issue is unfair contract legislation – this must be strengthened as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with the Government on positive change and not just maintaining a good economy but also improving the economy and preparing it for the new changes that will undoubtedly take place.