Have your say: National Anti-Corruption Plan

| April 3, 2012

The Australian Government is conducting an extensive public consultation on the development of Australia’s National Anti-Corruption Plan.

A discussion paper outlining the Commonwealth’s current approach to corruption was launched on 19 March 2012. Public submissions in response to the paper close 20 April 2012.

The discussion paper, available here outlines the Commonwealth’s current multi-agency approach to corruption, examines the interactions between all levels of government on corruption, and explores recent anti-corruption initiatives.

National Anti-Corruption Plan

In September 2011, the Australian Government announced the commitment of $700,000 to develop and implement Australia’s first National Anti-Corruption Plan.

A key objective of the Plan is to strengthen Australia’s existing governance arrangements by developing a whole-of-government policy and plan on anti-corruption.

A comprehensive National Anti-Corruption Plan will bring the relevant agencies together under a cohesive framework and strengthen the Government’s capacity to identify and address corruption risks.

Consultation Process

The development of the National Anti-Corruption Plan will be led by a team from the Attorney-General’s Department, in consultation with other Commonwealth, State and Territory agencies and other interested stakeholders.

In developing the Plan they will examine evolving corruption threats to Australia’s national interests and ways that all levels of government can reduce corruption risks.

The department is particularly interested in community views on the following specific questions:

  • In the context of the Commonwealth’s multi-agency approach to anti-corruption, could policy coordination and leadership be improved? If so how?
  • What are the most important corruption threats to Commonwealth interests?
  • To what extent is the Commonwealth vulnerable to those threats?
  • Are risk mitigation strategies adequate? If not, how could they be improved?
  • Is there anything else about Commonwealth anti-corruption policies, programs or organisational arrangements you would like to discuss?

Please note these questions are intended as a guide only and you are not required to address any or all of them in your submission.

Submissions are being accepted until 20 April 2012. Submissions should be sent to anti-corruptionsection@ag.gov.au.