Recruiting the right people

| October 15, 2012


Your staff are your drive, your energy, your most valuable asset. You have to know how to choose them well, how to switch them on and keep them switched on. Sarina Russo shares how to make the right decision on hiring staff.

When recruiting look for attitude first and skills second.  Skills can be taught, but attitude is a valuable asset.

Hiring people with the best attitude makes great sense because people are your biggest business expense. 

You must ensure new staff are productive, have key performance indicators, are challenged, have responsibility and accountability and have the tools to perform.  Otherwise you are going to have enormous business challenges.

Recruit A+ people with a customer-focused attitude, and to do everything to help them grow with the right tools and support to perform better and feel better in their jobs.

An A+ is someone with attitude, someone who has a good sense of energy and urgency, someone who has good grooming, who is personable, who has skills, who has the potential to be great, who wants more in life, because if you want more in your life, you’ll want more for others including your employer.

Inspired staff will make your business hum with energy, drive, achievement and purpose.  The best defence against the cycle of mediocrity is to have staff that understand there is something of real value in it for them.

Offer your staff careers, not just jobs. Grow entrepreneurs and promote from within, wherever possible.

You will be successful if you recruit the right people, train them to make sure they have the right skills, give them effective support and the freedom to deliver value to customers. It’s the old story. Success breeds success.

Sarina Russo is the founder and managing director of the education, recruitment and investment companies that form the Sarina Russo Group. Having worked in various legal secretary roles and as a part-time typing teacher, Russo launched her own business ‘The Office Business Academy’ in 1979. The business started with nine students, and now, more than 5000 students graduate annually from Sarina Russo Schools and Sarina Russo Job Access places over 25,000 people into employment.