National Telework Week ROI tool

| October 2, 2012


The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has launched a website to assist companies and organisations that want to participate in National Telework Week.

The website includes a Return on Investment (ROI) tool to help employers investigate the costs and benefits of telework. 

The website provides:

  • Advice on how employers can participate in National Telework Week; 
  • A range of examples of organisations that telework, as well as fact sheets on how different organisations have addressed telework challenges; and  
  • Links to the growing number of Telework Partners (over 120 at present).

Deputy Secretary Digital Strategy and Services Abul Rizvi said the Tool will evolve over time and the Department is keen to get feedback from users about their experience.

“The tool will have new functionality added to it over time and will also be updated as new research on telework becomes available.”

Deloitte Access Economics Director Dr Ric Simes which helped create the ROI tool said he recommend businesses and not-for-profit organisations consider the Return on Investment Tool because it allows managers to compare the costs of telework with the many benefits, which have traditionally been difficult to quantify.

The website also includes a Quick Calculator where employers can quickly check how much they can save by providing telework opportunities to their employees.

The section for employees has been designed to help boost understanding about the issues employees should think about when considering whether to telework.Telework isn’t for everyone so this website and its tools will help employers and employees make that decision.

National Telework Week will be held from 12-16 November and companies, organisations, and individuals can register to participate at the Telework website.

Or if you would like to be involved in National Telework week you can contact me at or 02 6271 1235.