How to overhaul bad customer service habits

| February 6, 2020

Delivering good service – internally and externally – is about building long-lasting relationships which have a greater long-term impact. But when cracks start to show, how do you transform an organisation’s service culture?

In the new book, Service Habits (Major Street Publishing $29.95, 1 April 2020), renowned customer service specialist Jaquie Scammell uncovers the key habits you can leverage to improve your effectiveness as a service professional and leader.  It requires everyone to implement small steps until they become second nature, but it takes commitment.

Drawing upon decades of experience working with some of the largest global workforces in retail, banking and hospitality, Jaquie explains the importance of leading with more heart and its role in reconnecting your team and building trust and value in those you serve, both internally and externally. In the book readers learn how to:

  • Break bad service habits
  • Adopt a service mindset
  • Learn and leverage new habits
  • Inspire your team to take action
  • Learn how others want to be served
  • Balance your actions when serving
  • Master the essence of great service culture

The second book in Jaquie’s Service series, Service Habits is a practical handbook on human relations in a world that demands service excellence like never before.

Melbourne-based Jaquie Scammell is a sought-after speaker, facilitator and coach working with some of the largest global workforces in retail, banking and hospitality. She has also worked with major airports, stadiums and events – from Wembley Stadium in the UK to the Australian Open Grand Slam in Melbourne. Jaquie has managed and advised workforces of all sizes, from small teams to staff of more than 9500, interacting with millions of fans on a daily basis. This is the second book in her ‘Service’ series.