How divorce made me a millionaire

| July 18, 2019

Reika Roberts, Co-Founder of derma aesthetics shares her tips and advice on how to become a millionaire after divorce as a single mum of twins.

The self-made entrepreneur who exclusively distributes bespoke skincare brand dermaviduals in Australia and New Zealand wants to empower other women in pre, during and post-divorce to reach their full potential.

Reika Roberts says, “In the face of adversity, opportunities had to be made. I knew that if I kept on my existing pathway, I could not create the dreams I had for myself, or my children. It was all down to me and things had to change.

“After being told I was a bad mother, fat, and only ever thought about work, and that nothing else mattered in my life, my self-esteem and confidence were virtually non-existent. I had to gain back my life and my passion,” said Reika.

After coming out the other side, Reika is now not only a self-made multi-millionaire but has better work/life balance than she ever has had and is giving her twin boys and herself the life they always dreamt of.

Reika shares her top tips for women looking to go it alone in the new financial year:

1. Let go of fear and self-doubt
2. Allow yourself to invest in yourself
3. Create your tribe of supporters
4. Take risks!
5. Work/life balance is key – stop doing everything yourself

“Since my divorce, our turnover has doubled. I have taken the business from a small company mentality to a visionary, award winning SME. And with it my pride, determination, confidence and knowledge has soared. There is life and success after divorce and I want to support and inspire other women in my situation to take the leap if they are being too compromised of their potential,” said Reika