Hidden Giants: The Future of Australia’s Midsize Business

| September 9, 2017

A Vision for Australia – Global Access Partners 8th Annual Economic Summit was be held on 7-8 September in the NSW Legislative Assembly Chamber.

The 2017 Summit highlighted midsize business as one of Australia’s top-performing and most innovative sectors, as well as a significant employer and major exporter. Australia can learn much from Germany where the value of the Mittelstand is widely recognised and encouraged.

The GAP Summit explored regulatory, educational, environmental, technological and policy factors that facilitate or hinder meaningful growth in the mid-market and suggest policies and strategies to help Australia’s midsize companies flourish.

Below are the thoughts of the event’s key players, please return for regular updates.

GAP Summit to champion mid market – Catherine Fritz-Kalish
Mid-sized businesses – a recommendation to drive growth
– Daryl Chambers
A call for support for mid market – Marieke Ter Meer
SMEs – the label that’s killing our growth – Mike Rich
Impact, performance, purpose – 3 key drivers to attract and retain talent – Nicky Carp
Priorities and practical recommendations for the midsize business sector – Elisabetta Magnani
Priorities, practical recommendations for mid market: brand & marketing – Rachel Bevans
Imagining a Smarter Australia – Martin Hosking
How mid-size companies use wellbeing to strengthen business – Andrea Warr
Stuck in the middle: mid-sized business and barriers to growth – Mark Cully
Barriers to growth – challenges for midsize business – Su-Ming Wong
Secret of success for midsize business: family entrepreneurs – Albrecht von der Hagen
Think digital or become history – Ed Husic MP
Australian Defence Industry – Our National Endeavour – Christopher Pyne MP