Employees who take leave are happier, more productive

| July 24, 2019

New data from WorkScore shows that employees who take their annual leave are more productive at work, less stressed and are happier at work than those who don’t take their leave.

WorkScore recently reviewed the scores of over 250  employees and discovered that a staggering one in five employees have not taken annual leave in the last 12 months, 40% feel that their workplace does not encourage staff to take annual leave benefits and 45% felt either guilty or anxious before taking leave.

Data  confirms that taking annual leave improves the mental wellbeing of employees as those who had taken annual leave for a vacation in the last 12 months rated as less stressed at work, had the highest work life balance and were the happiest at work.

WorkScore asked employees to rate their productivity when at work and found that those who rated below average also felt more anxious and guilty prior to taking leave, and 50% of this group checked work emails regularly (most days) when on leave.  Whilst those employees that rated above average for productivity felt less anxious and guilty prior to taking leave and only 30% checked in regularly, giving them a chance to switch off from work and relax. This group also rated that their workplace actively encourages them to take their leave benefits which is a win – win for both business and employee.

Suzanne Deeming co – founder of WorkScore said the good news is that employees are recognising that taking annual leave is a way to improve wellbeing and reduce burnout.

“The WorkScore survey found that employees site preventing “burn out”, exhaustion or stress, improving personal health/wellness and better work life balance as the main reasons they take their leave.

“However, companies aren’t as quick to recognize the need as a staggering 40% of employees rated that work does not encourage leave.

 “Encouraging employees to take their full annual leave entitlement should become a business priority as it improves employee productivity, morale and reduces stress. Workplaces should also discourage employees from working whilst on leave and allow them to fully switch off from work,” she said.