5 corporate retreat ideas everyone will rave about

| January 2, 2020
corporate retreat ideas

Many assume that only large organizations can hold a corporate retreat for its employees due to the extravagance associated with these events. But the reality is that with creative planning and proper idea implementation, even small and medium-sized enterprises can hold such events. In fact, it’s advised that companies try to hold such retreats for their personnel as often as possible.

The kind of bonding that occurs outside the office parameters is invaluable. It goes a long way towards building a strong team, which, in turn, translates to a stronger business environment. There are so many ideas and options for companies to hold corporate getaways that will not affect the company’s bottom line. Take a look at these five corporate retreat ideas to help with the plan. Here’s how.

1. Visit a Farm

For a company operating with a limited budget, heading to a farm may also be a great idea. There is no better way than to take the team to a no-frills environment that will make it easier for them to start collaborating. Contemplate this; when the offices are removed, role and title descriptions forgotten, having the team members in a simple environment enables them to see each other in a more humane manner. No one has to worry about pecking orders or hierarchy.

2. Go Camping

If the weather conditions permit it, and if you have the right equipment, camping can also present a good opportunity for employees to learn how to work together in a myriad of ways. Building campfires, hiking, and swimming together makes it possible for peers from different departments to easily intermingle. Additionally, pitching tents and heading outdoors will work well regardless of your budget.

3. Consider Taking Advantage of a Conference

Is there an upcoming conference that many of the company employees will be attending? Why not take advantage of this chance to try and get everyone on the same page? Tacking a retreat into an upcoming conference will help you save on travel expenses. You can then channel these expenses towards another noble idea, such as a group activity that will unite them all.

4. Go Talent-Sourcing

A sure way to guarantee that the expenses will remain low is to look for activities and hobbies that everyone in the company often takes part in when not at work. For instance, does the team have an expert knitter on the accounting department or a mediation specialist in sales? Why not lean into your internal resources and have this person lead the team bonding sessions?

5. Throw a Corporate Fitness Retreat

Planning a company retreat and outing in a tropical destination is another great idea. Bali is a top location for holding corporate wellness retreats. In addition to being a top tourist destination, planning a corporate fitness retreat in Bali means that the team will get to take part in life coach sessions, nutritional guidance, and fitness instructions. 

Another factor that makes Bali one of the best team-building retreat locations you can consider is its weather. The island has great weather conditions all year round. Additionally, the Balinese spiritual energy and cultural rituals assist in the creation of a vibe of inner progression and healing. 

If planning a retreat for a small group of employees, the company can opt to have them hosted in private villas equipped with sublime yoga shalas, private chefs, and lengthy swimming pools.

Taking part in group activities such as meditation, group fitness training, and yoga will help gel the team such that they all begin working together as a single unit.


When the time comes for you to start planning a corporate getaway, be sure to plan in advance. It will be crucial for you to plan for the right blend of free time, team building activities, and business. While it’s important to talk business, remember that the purpose of the retreat is to connect and relax.