Corporate entertaining tips for your major clients

| April 17, 2019

No matter the industry, the success and even pure survival of any business relies on their relationships with their clients. Nowadays, with so many brands to choose from, their decision to come to you and stay loyal to your business needs to be cherished and nurtured through every portion of your collaboration. While certain strategies can apply to every type of client, there are very specific ways you should consider when it comes to impressing your largest, most profitable clients out there.

Of course, even the small businesses that you collaborate with deserve a fair share of your love and attention, but these major clients are the ones that not only keep your brand afloat, but that can help you grow. Among so many diverse ways you can keep your clients happy, certain corporate methods have stood the test of time and you should consider adding them to your list of wooing strategies that will ultimately grow your brand.

Make it a personal visit

The advantage smaller businesses have over major corporations is the level of intimacy and personal touch they can give their clients. They feel valued by knowing the owner in person, being greeted by the owner and not a junior manager of your staff when they visit, and they like knowing that they are in the epicenter of your focus.

The best way to exemplify that is to invite them to a dinner at your own home. Whether you make the meal yourself, which will only give it an even greater level of closeness, or you have a catering service on speed-dial, it’s up to you. Get to know them over a glass of brandy and make sure they know that their business is your priority.

Take a trip together

Cruises have grown in popularity in recent years for several reasons, one of them being that taking a voyage with your client has all the perfect elements of a meetup: the classy setting outside of the office, the delicious food, various forms of entertainment, and of course, plenty of time to talk shop. Just to stay on the safe side, look into cruise travel insurance options before your clients arrive, so that you can all relax and preserve your peace of mind. This is yet another way you’ll show you value their time, safety, as well as their possessions, and that you go the extra mile to satisfy their needs.

Make sure you pick a destination that will be of interest to your client. It can be an exotic island, or a cruise with a few urban stops, or simply an off-shore excursion to escape the city noise. Cater to their preferences, and they’ll line up to renew their contracts with you.

Host an event for the community

Small businesses can still do plenty to help grow their community and make a difference. Showing this generous side of yours benefits not only the people that live next door, but it gives you a chance to invite your clients to a delightful event, entertain them in person, allow them a glimpse into your community, and strengthen your existing bond.

If you have a common cause that your clients also care about, this is an opportunity for them to join in on your efforts as well. Even if you don’t host the event, sponsoring one in your community and inviting your clients can have the same beneficial effect.

Treat them with what they love

Sometimes, smaller gestures of appreciation can go a long way in sending a perfect, yet subtle message to your clients. Are they coming over to your headquarters for a meeting, to renew their contract, or to consider some of your other services? Why not make sure that there’s a chocolate box waiting for them in their hotel room, and a limo to ride in style from the airport to the hotel?

If they’re fond of theater, you can have a couple of tickets waiting for them to see the latest premiere of their favorite musical. Your budget will not suffer at all, and you will impress and surprise them with a simple gesture!

Even the largest corporations want to know that their existence matters to you. These and many other ways serve you to show them you value their business and that you are willing to go the extra mile to nurture that relationship, and even more importantly, that you’re in it for the long haul.