8 ways to increase revenue of your gym

| December 30, 2019

There are some really great ways to take your gym to the next level and to increase your revenue. You just have to be willing to make some changes and invest in some things. Take a peek at these 8 ways in which you can increase the revenue of your gym.

Great customer service

Every customer likes to feel special and the same goes for gym customers. The customers will want to come back to a gym that gives them great customer service regardless of the price. This way you will attract more customers and more of them will become loyal.

Another good thing about great customer service is that satisfied customers will give good referrals to the gym, which means more clients and more revenue.

It’s not said in vain that you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

Good marketing

Good marketing can get you a lot of customers. When you’re trying to create a good advertisement don’t be afraid to get a little creative.

When you’re trying to advertise your gym, you have many different options on how to do the marketing and what kind of people to attract. Plus, since the dawn of the internet age, you won’t need as much money as you would spend on billboards, radio or television campaigns.

Great and unconventional ways to advertise your gym include you hosting events, advertising your flexible hours, creating a personal trainer course and promote it, celebrating anniversaries and special events, and so on. The options are never-ending you just have to be ready to incorporate them in your marketing campaign.

Hosting events

A great way to attract new customers and to keep old ones happy and satisfied. You can host member appreciation events where you can give member discounts or create fun activities. You can also host new member events where you can give a couple of free visits and if they like what they see they’ll stay. The good thing about these kinds of events is that you get the marketing for basically free thanks to word-of-mouth advertising.

Advertising flexible hours

Sometimes having fixed working hours is what will make your gym lose revenue and members. What people like is gyms with flexible hours and this doesn’t mean that you should be open 24/7. You can be flexible by being open on weekends and during evening hours. Then invest in advertising those flexible hours, it will certainly pay off.

Personal trainer courses

Creating personal trainer courses can pay off big time. By creating and advertising these kinds of courses you can attract a large number of people who prefer these kinds of courses. You can even go a step further by including courses on how to safely and effectively use gym equipment.

Anniversary celebrations

Another great way to advertise your gym is by throwing anniversary celebrations. This is a genius way to let people know about your existence and to boost the excitement of your old members. These kinds of events are ideal to offer special discounts for both new and old members.

Invest in new as well as additional equipment

Adding new equipment to your gym can’t be wrong, especially if you get a great deal on it. This way your customers will see your effort to expand and you’ll also be giving them an excellent customer experience.

Another way in which you can boost your revenue is by adding additional equipment. Apart from the regular gym equipment, you can pick up things like foam rollers, professional massage chairs, or massage balls, anything that can help your clients recover faster after a workout.

This workout recovery equipment is something that not every gym has and it can show as a great way to both keep your clients happy and increase the revenue.

Sell merchandise

Selling merchandise in a gym can be a brilliant idea. You can sell anything from workout gear and equipment to products that your clients may have forgotten to bring from home such as towels, water bottles, and so on.

Not only will this be convenient for your clients, but it will also be a great way to boost your income. Additionally, you can sell shirts, socks, sneakers of a certain brand and you can also sell things like gym bags, sweatbands, compression sleeves, and socks and other post-workout recovery products.

Childcare services

Something many customers will appreciate is if your gym decided to offer childcare services. Do you know how many parents would love to hit the gym but they don’t have where to leave their children for those couple of hours?

With this service, you can attract many customers and you can bring in some additional revenue. This kind of service is something not many gyms offer because of the effort you need to put into setting this service up – you’ll need legal permits and other papers, but in the end, if this is something that will be profitable for you, then why not?

Create reward and loyalty programs

A great way to increase your business is through reward programs and one such program can be a loyalty program. You can reward your members for bringing in friends and family by giving them discounts or by giving them a free month of membership. This is a great way to both keep loyal members happy and to bring in new customers – which would in both cases be great for your business.

Similarly, other types of reward programs work pretty much the same. Reward your members for their loyalty by giving them points for participation or for promoting you, and when they gather a certain amount of points award them by either giving them discounts or by giving them merchandise you sell in your gym. There are many other ways in which you can award your members.

Seasonal classes

Promote your business and retain your customers during the holiday months by creating seasonal classes. You can create programs that will appeal to your customers during those holiday months.

For example, Thanksgiving and Christmas season is where you eat large amounts of food and it would be ideal if you’d make classes that are shorter but that provide high-intensity training. Similarly, you can create relaxation classes with meditative yoga and during the summer months in order to avoid the dip in creating summer fitness groups or something of that sort.

Don’t let your customers wander off during the holiday months and don’t let your business die down.

Freezing accounts during holiday seasons

Another idea that you can implement during the holiday season is freezing the accounts of your members. This basically means that you’re allowing your members to keep their spots in certain classes or groups. The typical time during which your members can have their accounts frozen is somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks. After that, you’re allowed to unfreeze their accounts and start charging again.

This may not seem like a good idea as you’d lose some revenue but ultimately it’s a way to keep members and to gain new customers.


Bringing in new members and increasing revenue to your gym is not as complicated as it may look at first glance. It just takes a bit of dedication and creativity and in no time, you can boost your revenue and increase your business!