6 tips to gain more from influencer marketing

| August 27, 2019

As the digital competition is getting tenser day by day, it has become really important to build a distinct reputation in the digital arena. One of the best ways to do that is to take the help of social media. However, we are not talking about the basic activities like creating a page or publishing daily posts. We are talking about more concentrated efforts to build a quick rapport with your targeted clients. One of the best ways to do that is influencer marketing. In simple words, influencer marketing refers to the collaboration between a brand and an influencer which, in this context, means an expert who enjoys a wide popularity among the netizens, especially on specific social media platforms.

Below are 6 tips to help you to leverage your business and brand on the social media and reach across a wider population of netizens:

Check how many targeted audience follow them

Total reach of the influencers is not as important as the specific reach meeting your targeted audience demographics. For instance, if a specific influencer has more than 500,000 followers is not relevant to your brand if 97% of the followers are not from your preferred demographics.

On the other hand, a blogger with just 100,000 of followers is precisely relevant to you if most of its followers re from your preferred demographics.

Frequency of posts

The frequency of post also matters a lot as it not only widens the reach of the influencers and helps them connect with new communities but also strengthens and deepens their relations with the existing audiences. So check the frequency of posting by visiting the blogs and social media platform of your influencers. It ensures that you would have a better chance to frequently reach out to your preferred targeted audiences.

Use tools wisely

As you have already read up to this point, one this s for the user that finding influencers and connecting with them can be a hectic and tedious job. However, you can simplify the process b using the tools that manage and automate the process of finding and connecting with the influencers. It will compress the process and give it a more meaningful format while saving your valuable time and efforts that can be invested for other core business activities.

Once you have done your homework now it is the time to find the influencers. Thanks to the plenty of tools it has become much easier to find the right type of influencers for your purpose and brand.

Interact one on one

If you are eagerly looking for an influencer for your brand then you would want to interact with them one on one. Every influencer has his or her favorite social media platforms or chatting platforms where they interact with their fans and participate in one on one conversation.

Some of them might be active on Reddit while others would prefer facebook groups. Those who concentrate on the corporate audience are most likely to use Linkedin for valuable communication with the knowledgeable community. Webinars are also gaining high popularity so you can look forward to joining a webinar by your preferred influencer.

Pro Tip: Did you know that the hashtags can help you a great way of finding niche conversations on social media like Twitter and Facebook. With just a little research you can find out the hashtags that belong to specific conversations occurring at specific times.

Like #SmallBizChat on twitter (Wednesday Evening 8PM) how are these conversations different from general group chat? While many participants join these conversations they are led by the specific subject expert (that’s your influencer) who provides momentum to the conversation with well-researched and engaging questions answered by different participants as per their knowledge level, perspectives and experience.

Personal interaction matters

Personal interaction can go a long way in building valuable relations with your influences. Though the influencers are highly active on the social media and digital arena, many of them also organize or actively participate in the real world events related to their niche of expertise. By checking their social media regularly you can get information about their upcoming event and decide if it is feasible for you to participate.

The first impression is the last impression. So have a clear idea of how would you like to interact with the influencer. Ideally, the first interactions would be reasonably brief but impressive. Remember, you don’t have to turn it into a sales pitch by sharing your commercial objectives. Just lightly interact with them, talk with them about their expertise and profile, have some meaningful conversation and exchange the business cards.

Many influencers organize the events where the participants are encouraged to share their thoughts. So do proper research on the topic and prepare your original thoughts in the convincing language.

Approach them via your mutual connections

One of the best ways to get a positive response to your connection request is to take help of your acquaintances that are already connected with those influencers.

Search the friend’s lists of the social media influencer and look for the mutual friends. In many cases, you are likely to discover that your best friend is also present in the friend list of your desired influencer. In such case, it is highly advisable to ask your friend to get yourself connected with the influencer instead of reaching out directly.