6 essential spaces every business office should have

| February 13, 2019

Your company’s office is not just a place where your employees work. It can be said that it’s their second home, which also means that it should have all the things a typical home does. In other words, in order for your employees to do their best every day, your office should be functional but also comfortable. With that in mind, here are six rooms your office should have in order to fulfil all your employees’ needs.

Reception and greeting area

Every workplace should have an area for visitors, separate from where your employees actually work. It should have comfortable seating options, and a reception desk with an ergonomically correct chair for the receptionist. It should also have some magazines for entertainment while waiting as well as a few brochures or pamphlets about your own products and services. Moreover, don’t forget to include some storage options where your visitors can leave their coats, hats, bags, etc.

Meeting and conference rooms

Needless to say, you need to have conference rooms so you can hold presentations, have meetings, and discuss your plans for the company. Of course, how many of them you should have depends on the size of your business, your office layout, and the frequency of such meetings. As for the types, you can have a large conference room with more chairs and a big presentation screen, or you can build a smaller meeting room that can hold 5-6 people. Also, every meeting room should be equipped with a webcam and monitor that would allow you to make video calls.

Kitchen and common area

Now, this doesn’t mean you should build a restaurant and feed all your employees. A small kitchen area where your staff can store and prepare their meals is good enough for any office. It should include a fridge, coffee machine, microwave, and maybe a few more small appliances. If you can afford it, you can also add a vendor machine, for when your employees just want a snack. Additionally, you should have a common area near your kitchen. There, your employees can eat their meals while socialising, or they can simply relax during their breaks.

Outdoor space for employees

Every office should have some kind of outdoor area where the employees can soak up the sun and get some fresh air. Of course, how you organise this room depends on your office building – it can be in the backyard, on the balcony, or on the roof. If it’s on the balcony or roof, make sure to include plenty of greenery. Also, don’t forget to protect the area from the elements, so you can enjoy the outdoors no matter how hot or rainy it is. For example, you can install commercial shade sails, which come in many different sizes and colours, so you should have no trouble choosing those that would fit your office style.

IT and webinar room

There is no business without technology today, so you also need a climate-controlled IT room where your computers and other electronics are safe and maintained. As for the webinar room, it’s essential if you’re into recording videos or podcasts. Of course, it should be soundproof, with professional microphones, headphones, and other necessary equipment.

Wellness and fitness room

These two rooms are often overlooked, but they are extremely important for your employees’ health. This is especially true if they often work long hours, since having those rooms would allow them to exercise or freshen up during the breaks. They can also help your employees de-stress and take a mental break from their work. Moreover, wellness rooms are extremely important for working new moms because they provide them with the privacy they need for breastfeeding.

Just like our needs change, our offices change as well. Boring, grey cubicles are a thing of the past, and nowadays, people want to feel comfortable while working. So, provide your employees with everything they need in order to be happy at work, and you can rest assured that the results would be seen every day.