5 ways better workplace design can boost productivity

| March 25, 2018

Office design is more than just aesthetics. It’s also something that affects how day-to-day work will be conducted in your business. Before you make any decisions about the design, you should have an idea about the workflow you’re facing and how the employees tackle it.

It’s also good to have in mind that the design can represent the office hierarchy and affect how the employees feel about their place in the company. The design should convey a sense of openness and collaboration that will translate into everyday tasks.

No more open space

Open spaces used to be all the rage in office design. There are reasons for it – they make everyone feel equal and welcome in the workplace. However, the downsides are also quite significant – there are a lot of distractions and the lack of privacy can be troubling for some employees.

It’s time to move on from these and re-establish barriers within the office. Individual offices are not the only option; there are alternatives to that concept as well. For instance, it’s possible to separate the office based on the type of work being done in each area. That creates a common space but leaves some privacy as well.


Natural light

This isn’t something that comes to mind right away but it’s a huge part of making the office comfortable and easy to work in. Most offices have scarce windows and rely on a lot of lamps and task lights for working late.

It isn’t comfortable or healthy to work in this manner and you should find ways to avoid it. Have in mind that if you’re working in a building with a lot of windows, noise reduction becomes a problem of its own and you’ll also have to invest in insulation as well.

going green

Going green

An eco-friendly office has numerous advantages. First of all, it creates a healthier working atmosphere and thus makes the employees more productive and happy. It’s also a way to save money on energy bills because green buildings usually waste much less energy.

One of the ways of accomplishing this is by installing a vertical garden. These gardens will make the building better insulated and thus easier to heat and they are also a great way to make the office environment more welcoming.

A place to rest

Working long hours can be overwhelming and that can affect the productivity and the overall job satisfaction. The office and its design need to be created with this fact in mind. It’s best to carve out a space where the employees can rest and recharge their batteries without slowing down the workflow.

A part of this is providing healthy food at all times. This is best done in cooperation with the employees in order to keep track of everyone’s dietary needs. Besides that, the rest area should provide activities that help the employees unwind or just spend time together. A gym or a sports center will require additional space, but it translates to a more productive working environment.

table tennis

Replacing offices altogether

A lot of the work can be done remotely, which makes the whole concept of an office a bit outdated. There are jobs that can be outsourced and done equally efficiently without the physical office and you should consider using this option to save money and provide more free time for your employees.

The key to making this change efficient and productive is to choose the right software for the job. The software you decide on needs to recreate all the features a physical office can provide. A big part of this setup should be the communication between the employees and the management.

The workplace design should be chosen based on the needs of your employees. It can make day-to-day tasks more efficient and allow the employees to make the most of their skills and talents.

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